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My brothers crossbow 2f Bear

Now that I got some time I'll tell you the story.Long story alert! Me and my nephew came up to camp on Mon the opener and hit a few places without much luck.We only got in a few hours each day because of all the rain. Wed night my brother Jim showed up and the weather started to clear some.We decided to check out one of our fav spots for bear and do an evening hunt. My brother decided to got into a slashing my other brother usually goes to. My nephew Rj decided to check out some apples in the area and I decided to walk in farther and check one of the slashings way back in. So about dark I'm walking back towards my brother and nephew.When I see my brother talking to my nephew on the path. When I get there my brother says he hit one and it's down.He's all nervous and starts telling me how he shot it and that the shot looked good. He starting following the blood trail when he looked up and seen his Bear in the slashing hitting sapling with his paws on it's back.He could just see it moving and hitting stuff. So he backs out and goes up to the main path to look for us but can't find us. so he goes back down to where he seen the Bear before and he said the bear was still alive. He said it stood up and popped it's teeth at him and growled. My brother backed out again this time so fast he lost one of his crossbow bolts out of his quiver lol . So and hour later this is when I come into picture he's talking to my nephew on the path when he tells me he has one down. I forgot my flashlight my brother doesn't have one and my nephew has a mini mag light. My brother said he wants to wait till morning to go look but we remember that its suppose to snow that night and we seen alot of coyote sign. So we decide to give a real quick look because my brother saw him go down twice in same spot. But you guys gotta know my brother he is practicly scared to death of bears and the dark but that's another story lol.So we go to were he hit the bear and after a long search trying to find the blood trail again we find some blood. My brother was so excited or scared not sure which he forgot to mark last sign.My brother has the flashlight cause he is leading but he is so scared he is moving light so fast around and up the trail and behind us we can't see blood very well and it's going slow. So we steal the flashlight from my brother and start making progress but now my brother is behind us looking all around behind us like some thing is coming behind us. He's like look around guys we are close to where I last seen it. But we are concentrating on looking for blood not and angry bear thats gonna eat us lol. My brother later said you guys are stupid I seen the bear and he growled at me an hour before and you guys are staring at the ground. About 15 yards father we se sign we don't like wrapped around a sapling was a two foot piece of intestines. That was it I said we are outta here and RJ confirms my decision. My brother reassurred us the shot looked good right behind the shoulder. My nephew marks the spot with his arrow and I ask my brother whats the best way outta here and he says back this way so I hand him the flashlight and whoossh he's off like a track star in the olympics. my nephew and I are trying to keep up but can't. a twig snaps my newphew in the head andhe notices he lost his stocking hat he firmly says to my brother to slow down cause we can't see anthing and to be a man not a little girl LOL.He didn't say it so nice tho LOL.When we get back to the main path my brother looks down at his crossbow and he says darn I lost my last arrow LOL! we head back to camp and talk it over, we would be out at first light.we had more of our camp members show up that night so we would have 6 of us looking in the morning.Usually we play cards and -- most of the night but my brother wouldn't have it at 9pm he was in bed tourturering himself trying to sleep when he wasn't tired.I finally got to sleep at about 1:30am. At 4:00am my brother couldn't take it anymore.I guess he didn't sleep at all just layed there all night awake. He woke everyone up and said we gotta get ready to go.So we all get dressed slowly lol.The drive there is about 35 mins or so but we did get snow about 1 inch. So I drive really really slow cause I know we got plenty of time but my brother is anxious.We take our time and get to about 100 yards from The last sign.With about 20 mins till light my brother was pacing back and forth. When it finally got light enough to see he was off like an olympic champion again right to the last sign. After a quick search we find the arrow marker. my brother seems to be done following the blood trail.he's way ahead of the rest of us cause we wanna start at the sign but we know its no use. My other nephew Matt who is 15 and on his first ever bear hunt was just a little behind my brother.By now my brother is forty yards ahead of us looking all over the place when matt says here's your Bear. Matt was just standing there with a wierd look on his face like what the heck am I looking at.My brother walked right by the bear and the ten feet of intestines he had to step over to get by it. I got a picture of what Matt exactly saw.I'll post it but guys make sure you look in every nook and stump you find when trying to recover game.The Bear was only 15 yards from where we stopped the night before! The shot hit the third rib forward from the last rib and angled out low right in front of the rump.He caught the Diaphragm,Liver and blew out the guts!This was by far the best year I've had at bear camp I got to see a 250lber I couldn't get a shot at. I tracked an archery black bear in the the dark.Proved my brother has issues LOL . It just doesn't get any better than that. Here Is exactly what my brother missed and why matt had a funny look on his face The bear was still on his back and wedged right in the V of a down fall!
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Re: My brothers crossbow 2f Bear

Super bear with the bow. Good job on backing out and making the recovery in the morning. Tracking a bear at night wouldn't be my cup of tea.

I support all hunters, regardless of weapon or technique!
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Re: My brothers crossbow 2f Bear

THAT was a GREAT story..Hahaha
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Re: My brothers crossbow 2f Bear

Congrats. Good Job.

Traditions only last if you pass them down to your kids!
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Re: My brothers crossbow 2f Bear

COOL STORY and Congrats on great bear!!!

If i had more vacation days this certainly would of been a year to try to get one with the crossbow.....awesome seeing a few guys had the chance and made it happen..

"Only takes a second to change your season" Dad, 1980
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Re: My brothers crossbow 2f Bear


Never Misses
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Re: My brothers crossbow 2f Bear

Sweet congrats...that's a good bear..!!!
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