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Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

My family owns 50 acres in 4A in Bedford County. It is adjacent to a SGL and within 1/4 mile of one of its major parking areas and main road. So, the deer in the area see a lot of hunting pressure.

Anyways, being at the hunting cabin and pulled my game cameras which had been out since the end of January. My last buck holding onto its antlers was February 23.

After reviewing all game camera photos, this year my cameras took 32,764 photos. Yeah, you could say I am a game cameraholic with 11 cameras being in the woods.

I was able to document 24 different bucks before the firearms deer season and 17 after the last deer season ended. Of those 17, 9 would have been legal to shoot, including a 150"+ bruiser 10 point. My record was 14 deer in one photo in our food plot after all deer seasons were over. All 14 were antlerless and it certainly wasn't every antlerless deer in the area by any means.

With our property being adjacent to the SGL and so close to the main road and parking area, these deer are all frequently traveling the SGL and most game trails come from the SGL.

However, during the deer season I run into hunters on the SGL and they almost all say there are no deer, no legal bucks and they are so happy the doe season was ended during the first week of firearms season, but angry they issued CWD permits for the area to thin the does out.

I have to say, if it weren't got my extensive game camera usage, I too would believe the deer herd in the area was non-existant at times. It took me a while to figure things out but surprisingly, I quite hunting our property opening day of firearms season but rather I hunt opening day on the SGL. I now spend most days on the SGL. The deer flock to the large clear cut that is far back in and on steep terrain of the SGL. Unfortunately, few hunters make it back there...

I also had as many as 14 gobblers in one photo, black bears to 450 pounds and enough feral hogs to make the PGC and USDA both have heart attacks. Yet, a couple hunters said they are likely to stop hunting the area. Wow!
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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

No one is going to believe a story like this.

Now go put your cameras back but don't turn them on. Then report back in a few months that you can't get a picture of a deer on the SGL with 11 cameras out and the board will light up with guys that will use you as proof there are no deer. Waugh!

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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

i beleive good hunting vs bad hunting is more a perception or an attitude than anything else.

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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

That's interesting.There's a fellow that landed in the local paper here that's been hunting the local SGL for 20 years.Finally got his first deer,a button buck.I guess to him that's good deer hunting.

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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

I go through the same thing where I live, my back yard buts up to an SGL that only locals have access to because of no parking, the nearest lot is on the backside of the mountain over a mile away. I have the place to myself for archery but it gets hit hard opening day morning of gun, after that its all mine again. By mid week of opening week the deer come back after the orange army goes back to work. I get cam pics all the way up to the friday before the gun opener then they suddenly stop because all these weekend warriors or opening day American Snipers think it's a good time to trounce through the woods not controlling the scent they put off while searching for a place to call my spot for monday morning. Last years opener really showed me how many people walk SGL's the weekend before ruining the area as there was snow on the ground for monday last year and it came down late Sat night and by monday morning there was people tracks everywhere I looked, that's a lot of pressure before a single shot takes place.
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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

I have a place like that, game land a a 1/2 mile from me, yet its RARE when they kill a deer on the game lands
BUT the deeer really don't even be on the game alnds
I have the food, and the cover is on neighbors lands
I can spotlight my field and count some times up to a 100+ deer
yet again, go about a 1/2 mile down the road, and your hard pressed to find a deer track , never mind see a deer

game lands is about 8500 acres or so
walk it all the time, for exercise or just change of scenery
I also hunt it for coyotes all winter, and I can cover a few limes of roads and trails, and NEVER see a deer track in the snow
IF I didn't know the deer where just down the road, I'd swear this whole area [censored] for hunting deer, or any critter to be honest,a s I seldom cut any tracks in the snow, but some fox and coyotes and there traveling thru the lands I think
I hunt there cause I like the walk I get

yet 10+ yrs ago this place a was a major hot spot for der
BUT the forest matured, cover went, and with iot over browsing and still a TON of hunting pressure
critters are far and few on it

needs a GOOD fire to get rid of all the dead crap on the ground preventing new growth, as well as some timbering to get sunlight to the ground better
I find this is common on a LOT of game lands and state and federal forests
past there prime and NO one doing anything MUCH to return them to being productive for wildlife
too much red tape and passing the buck with the dept's that run them
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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

Trail cams are only proving what some hunters knew. Opening days are different. You can't pack in the same number of deer in an area with a bunch of new hunters.
Got a few deer on escape routes- getting away from hunters. The only control I had was where the hunters weren't.
Some seasons I'd hunt with the buddies, see not a deer opening day. The next day, I'd hunt alone at another pre-scouted area. And find one that had fewer hunters.

Always stayed in shape for some hiking. Hiking to find deer hideouts and escape routes. Not expect them in one place. Or the exact place I'd see deer when no other hunter was in the woods.
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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

The PGC youtube on license increase,the monitor stated they are getting pretty good at "controlled burning" as it is cost effective and we should expect to see more of it on SGL's.
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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

I'm a pre-trail cam tracker who knew that hunting in deer season is different than scouting in pre-hunting.
There are areas on a map I avoid. One area got ruled out. Too many new housing in the area. A nearby GL road that would draw hunters to honey. Too many hunters driving deer from the area. Might be a good area nearby, just out of range of most hunters, that would work on a Wednesday or Thursday.
Liked trails. But liked cutoffs from trails from 200 to 600 yards away. Add some swamps and the deer will be in those areas.

Of course, later in the week, there are places generally left alone or used by lone hunters. Got to the point, I knew areas that were enjoyed by newbie hunters, areas enjoyed by many hunters, areas avoided by many hunters. Having hiked many times from "Miami to Canada" you get a feel where deer go and where hunters usually don't. Sometimes it came down to staying power in a cold PA. Hunters would return to a vehicle for lunch. I'd be waiting in the cold for hunters to move deer past me on an escape route. It wasn't pure hunting; it was also hunting with numerous hunters.
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Re: Interesting observations on adjacent SGL.

I've primarily hunted public lands in PA my whole life. I learned probably later than I should that you don't hunt deer per se on opening day of rifle, you work the crowd.

Go where you can guess pretty well where the deer will go given the location of roads, private land boundaries, etc., and you will see action.

For me this means getting into the woods an hour before anyone else and getting WAY back into the thickest stuff you can find, then getting up into a tree (I use a climber).

I'm typically all set up and letting the woods calm down in the dark a half hour before I see the 1st flashlight off in the distance.

I hunted one spot in Rothrock SF for years. I'd go all the way in to the border w/private land in laurel so thick from the ground you could not see more than 25 yards. Hunters would come in off the road and push deer towards me. On the private land side 20 min before light you'd hear ATVs rip-roaring as the guys skedaddled out to their ladder stands, and they'd push deer right towards me. There was an 11 year stretch where 7 out of 11 years I shot a 7 or an 8 ptr within 5 min of 1st light. 2 other years I shot similar @ lunch as the guys were heading out. That's 9 years. The last 2 I hunted there I did not see anything- the guys stopped hunting the private land, they weren't pushing them like before. After that I started looking for another spot.


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