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Cast Iron Seasoning

Don't know if this is the right place for cookware advise, but here goes.

I just bought at a yard sale #6 and a #3 skillets. I tried to season them (after a thorough washing) by using olive oil and the results on the #3 skillet are not good. I put olive oil on the iron, baked them in an oven at 375 degrees for an hour twice and the #6 still will not pick up a nice glaze and my eggs stuck to it this morning.

Anyone have a better formula for seasoning cast iron? Maybe it's the olive oil? Should I use Crisco?

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I do mine on a range, coat with oil at medium/low heat. Use a rag or paper towel and and apply a generous coat every 5-10 minutes. Once you’ve done that four or five times should be good to go. I use olive oil, works fine for me.
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Don't use olive oil. Use high smoke point oils like vegetable, canola, or avocado. I've attached the lodge seasoning guide.

To me olive oil imparts a taste from the oil that I don't particularly care for when I'm cooking food that olive oil doesn't pair with.

Lodge Cast Iron | All About Seasoning

Olive oil will "work" but use only a very small amount or the oil will stay sticky and not season properly. The smoke point is 410 F for olive oil.
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When you oil them, try to wipe off all the oil you can before you put them in the oven. I warm the pan up and use lard, then wipe off all the excess I possibly can. I then put the skillet in the oven face down and set the temp at 475. I let it go for about an hour then turn off the oven. Leave the door closed and leave the pan in there until it cools on its own.
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I season all my cast iron skillets with olive oil and it works very well for me. I picked up a couple at the thrift store a few years back that were in some rough shape. First I scrubbed them in hot soapy water with one of those green nylon scrubbing pads. After a good thorough rinse in hot water, I rubbed them with olive oil, removed excess oil with a paper towel then heated them up in the oven. Took them out and gave them another coating of oil. Once they cooled down I wipe any excess oil out with a paper towel. Sometimes have to repeat the process, minus the soapy scrub, to get them just right, but this has worked for me for many years.
The only problem I have is when the wife finishes cooking something then lets the pan sit in the sink soaking in cold soapy water! But she's getting better about it....
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Here's what I do to all my cast iron.

When I buy it (usually Lodge brand) I take a course wire brush and attach it to my cordless drill. I will "sand" it with the brush until it's shiny and smooth. It should look like a mirror when you'r done and very very smooth.

To season it I use canola oil. I rub it on with a paper towel and then throw it into a hot outdoor grill for 20 minutes. I then let it cool and do it all over again another 5-10 times. Then I rinse it out and scrub it with a paper towel just to get anything burnt off of it. To store it, I rub it with canola and just put it on a shelf.

I'm very picky as to what gets cooked in it. It does eggs like a non stick pan but it's mostly for potatoes, bacon, meat searing.
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all are very informative posts ,thanks
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Google using beeswax for seasoning caste iron. A lot of folks buy wax from me for that purpose. Itís very long lasting if youíre gonna store skillets for any length of time.
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was told to use vegetable oil ,oil the whole pan and put in oven for one hour at 459 to 500 degrees. put cookie sheet under to catcher any droppings from the pan
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Some of the newer cast irons have really rough insides. My take is grind the insides down if you happened to get unlucky an get one of those. If yo have a smooth one --Never - never-never use soap ( aluminum foil and hot water) to clean them up.
BACON grease is the ticket. Clean the skillet off with hot water and an aluminum foil ball. Scrub it good. The skillet is clean so fry up some bacon. Save the grease. When you're done clean the skillet with hot water and aluminum foil ball Set on stove turn the burners on and wipe skillet with bacon grease. Wipe excess grease of with paper towel. Once cooled store it till the next time.

I never, ever let my wife touch my cast iron collection. Remember no soap.

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