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Smelly people ?

Have you or do you work with anyone whom smells ?
I worked with 2 guys whom i swear never bathed or showered unless he was caught in a rain storm. The one had BO so bad and no one would tell him and it seemed like if you did he stayed the same.
The other one would wear a t shirt for 2 or more weeks.
The BO guy fixed phones and computers in our offices. The person he was doing the repair for would have to leave the room! Then after he left the odor lingered for a good while.
The t shirt guy took pride in farting and the smell was worse then dead fish or maggoted road kill in the sun ! He would do this while we were eating lunch and then laugh about it.
The BO guy they told me brought his old bed and materse up to work and ask if anyone wanted it!
I just don't understand some people!
By the way,if you do tell people about things such as i have stated,it is Harassment ?

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We had a "class" at work a little while ago that dealt with harassment. There were issues brought up during the Q and A part and they told us if you have a complaint go to HR and tell them.

There are people who do smell really bad and are gross, sooner or later the opposition grows when people start talking, then something is done about it. It might be the right way or I have seen people do it "their" way.

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I work with several people who won't wear deodorant. It's horrible. I've thought about buying them a stick of aluminum free deodorant and putting it in their mailbox.
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I worked with a guy one time and asked him do you brush your teeth in the morning?He said no.I said start doing it every day and he did.He didn't know how bad his breath was.

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I had a client in a custody case whose son was asked to bathe before coming to boy scout meetings. It must have been really terrible for the scout leader to say something. The scout leader testified at the custody hearing and we got the boy away from mom. A year later, the judge's law clerk made the remark about how bad mom and her boyfriend smelled in court. Odd I don't remember them, but I remember how bad the kid smelled. And yes Dad got custody, but more so because the kid missed 32 days of school in one year at mom's house.
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I worked with people who don't wear deodorant - Bad all the way around.
I have worked with the non-teeth brushing people too - can be equally bad and gross.

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You can get some really cheap flights eastward if you fly Air India. Don't do it.

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On production downtime we typically hired outside contractor to do the larger cleaning jobs, AC duct works and etc. I had a work order to do some control work in one of the cooling tunnels a Sunday morning while at same time a crew of four contractors were cleaning inside it. When I walked in the stench of BO hit me like a slap in the face. It was that bad I turned around and called the weekend manager. When she arrived she didn't need to ask, she smelt it in the aisle before even getting close to door. She told the guys to pack up and leave the plant immediately!

Another time Maw I went to an auction on a hot mid July day with quite a few Amish in attendance. I learned three things. One, the Amish seldom if ever take baths, two, they don't use deodorant and three, they have no sense of smell.

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Had an older guy from Bridesburg, a neighborhood of Philly worked in the same dept. I did 35 years ago. He showered on the weekend before church, not during the week. He had 3 t shirts in his locker. Would wear 2 t's every day, one over the other. Next day ,take the one next to his skin the day before and hang outside in sun at lunch, wear the other 2, same sequence and rotate them . Then he reversed the shirts inside out and did sequence all over again. Said he was sunwashing them. Did take them home to wash occasionally . Same guy would power walk outside at lunchtime around the million sq' shop...backwards. Picked dandelion weeds in the median strip of the Roosevelt Boulevard to make wine. Just an odd duck he was. Nice guy tho, he just smelled bad. Union tried all kinds of tactics . Lucky he was working mostly a 1 man job.

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I worked with a guy in the mines back in the late 70s who was a garlic eater. Ate it all the time. He reeked of it. Not just his breath,,,,his whole body. When he got to sweating, you had to get upwind of him in the air current.
Another guy I worked with never washed his Carhart bibs. They never went home. On a hot summer day, the entire bathouse stunk. I used to hang those cardboard car air fresheners around my locker so I didn't have to smell him.

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