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You sleep in the bed you make

Recently was discussing a local shooting. Had to think, doing something like that is so FAR from my capability or mentality it is impossible to even imagine, just Never could or would happen not even accidental.

Growing up as a boy on a farm, guns and hunting were a part of life, often had a gun setting around for shooting groundhogs, grew up toting a 22 around the fields. Knew better than to keep it loaded indoors, or EVER, EVER!!! point it in an unsafe direction. (let alone shoot someone on purpose) can't even imagine it.

I graduated from Lower Dauphin high school, got out early for work in senior high. If i had a dollar for every time i went to school with a rifle or shotgun behind the seat of the truck in the school parking lot...i could probably buy a box of shells.

I carried a pocket knife every day in school, never was a problem.

Folks wonder what is happening to our hunting heritage,and gun rights. Many folks think they can make our world a better place by legislation and control....I got a better idea...get some good old fashioned values back.

We made our world, we chose our path, our current social state has nothing to do with guns or hunting but has everything to do with a twisted sense of values and morals.

Was watching an old Andy griffeth show, was very common of them to speak of guns and hunting and fishing on that show. Find a modern comedy with those values on TV today.

Bet opie carried a pocket knife to school.

luckily some of us never changed.
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

My grandkids find my stories hard to believe as well . I would leave my hunting coat, shotgun, and shells on the schoolbus all day and get off the bus at a friends house and rabbit hunt until dark. I had no concerns over theft or seizure of the firearm..In 7th grade I took a hunting knife to school and made a leather sheath for it..My grandkids said do that today and the school would go in lockdown and I would be arrested for some Homeland security violation..Yes times have changed since 1952....
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

I went to school in NJ and in highschool we took our shotguns with us.

We would hunt before or after school and out shotguns were put in our lockers while we were in class.

no locks on the lockers either.

That was 1970-1974.

In our Senior yearbook a picture was taken of our gang hanging out in the senior lounge with our shotguns.
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make


Not sure about you but i want America back. I want kids to have a safe place to live. I want to restore the innocence of youth. I want them to know what its like to know its time to come in when mom flips on the porch light.

We live in a society were so MANY! kids have fathers, but never know what it's like to have a dad.

I want a society back that still says..."oh be careful little eyes what you careful little ears what you hear...and little feet where you go"

Until we restore those things the future is bleak.
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

While I wasn't around in those days, my dad still raised me and continues to raise me to have those same morals and then some. And yes, I love to watch the Andy Griffith show on DVD.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” C.S. Lewis
WCO David Grove, LODD 11/11/10
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

I graduated in 76, we also kept out shotguns and bows in our vehicles so as to hunt after school. Pocket knives were no problem. Recall teachers asking if anyone had a knife on them, not because they were looking for weapons, but because they needed to borrow a knife. Kids built black powder pistols in shop classes.
Going back another generation, my uncles and mother recall their bus driver in North Central Pa toting a 30-30 on the bus, and would stop the bus and shoot at deer during deer season.
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

I am not much on watching Andy Griffith, but I agree with the premise of the thread. We always used to carry pocketknives and leave our .22's leaning against the corner in the shop class at school to go hunting afterward. Never even came close to having any issues. It was even cool to talk about hunting at school then. Heck, if you discuss hunting at school now, it will most likely be the teacher who flames you for it.

To me the real ruination of society has been cell phones and the internet. So much info you can get immediately making the world a much smaller place. How much international influence would groups like ISIS have if there were no internet???? Not much.

And cell phones....don't even get me started. I do no have a cell phone to this day and absolutely hate them. People need to start talking to other people again, not their phone and sending text messages. I have never sent a text message and don't even know ho to do it.
I was a restaurant manager for a little over 22 years. Can't even begin to tell you how many times I saw families come in to eat together. (At least they did that!) But they would sit there and hardly even speak to each other. All of them just sitting and fussing with their phones, sending text messages. For all I know sending messages to each other while sitting at the same table. Blows my mind.
My kid may not like it when he grows up, but cell phones are not permitted at my dinner table.
I will also speak to my kids teacher every single year before he goes. If any one of them is an anti hunter, then I guess my kid is getting home schooled that year.
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

Ha, '50's, this was not uncommon when I went to school in the 90's. Most afternoons during dove season my buddy or I would ride together after school to the fields. We'd walk across the parking lot in full camo, a shotgun and at least 4 boxes of shells. The shop in the high school still let anyone over a junior to design and make their own knives. Figures they shut it down after my freshman year.

Last week there was an incident here in Erie, a 14yo shot a senior in high school because he wouldn't give up his bike. Sorry, that kid and his parrents shouldn't get a trial. They should be drug out behind the barn and shot, and left for the pigs to clean up.

Remember, shoot straight and shoot often.
Good... Bad... I'm the guy with the gun.
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

After school 4 of us would walk out of the city and into the nearby township and hunt pheasants in the abandon fields/woods. We had great success around the nature reclaimed autos and tractors.Now I believe a SWAT team would be called if they saw 4.. 16/17 year olds with shotguns and orange vests walking where we did.
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Re: You sleep in the bed you make

This country is changing; always has and always will. How it changes, for better or worse, is up to us. But somehow the political mechanism that governs us has been hijacked by the liberal left, the liberal left that would bring changes to our nation that fundamentally upset the things that made us a moral society that had self-confidence, determination, generosity and an unflinching belief in Capitalism. Now everything is being challenged under the misguided promise of Socialism and we are losing our way. As part of that they would have us believe that we are incapable of self determination and self control and that can only be changed back to what it was by challenging the liberal establishment and kicking it in the pants.

Good night Chesty, wherever you are......
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