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What would you get?

If you had to buy one handgun, what would it be? I am interested in purchasing some type of revolver, but not sure exactly what I want to get. I know if I get a .22 I'd shoot it more, but wouldn't be able to hunt with it too much. If I got a .45 I would shoot it less, but could carry it during deer season. Just thought I'd throw the question out there to people who may know more than me!
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Re: What would you get?

No question about it...I'd get a Ruger Blackhawk (or old Ruger Vaquero) in 45 Colt (44 Mag if I handloaded) with a 4 5/8" bbl. I'd load a 250 gr. lead Semi Wadcutter at 900 - 1000 fps and pack it in an El Paso Saddlery Tom Threepersons holster. No finer mountain revolver IMO.

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Re: What would you get?

If you don't reload, I'd get a revlover in 357 Mag you can also shoot less expensive and less recoil 38 specials, great for target shooting.

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Re: What would you get?

A ruger or S&W 44 mag. Can shoot 44 specials for a lighter load. I like a 44 better than the 357. I think its more useful and the recoil is sharper in the 357, to me, vs the 44 being spread out a little more. But this also depends on the gun you're using.
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Re: What would you get?

I find it hard to imagine me without a .22 revolver. I have 5 and enjoy them all.

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Re: What would you get?

By far the most usefull is a 22. I shoot mine alot, and hunt with it as much or more. I have a couple wheel guns, and that cheap heritage rough rider 22 I have gets plenty of use. Eventhough I do hunt with it I mostly use it as a secondary gun while hunting small game. I don't care to have to shoot a wounded rabbit or squirrel with a shotgun, and I don't want to do it by hand. The 22 comes in handy. The best part is I can buy 20 bucks worth of bullets, and let my friends shoot it all day when we go to the range.

If I was buying a center fire I would get a 357. To me it is the most versatile wheel gun there is. I have a GP100 with a 6" barrel. I hunt deer with full power 357 loads, practice with mild 357 loads and plink with 38 specials.

I used to have a 44 mag, and it was a fine gun. To me it was just too big. Sort of like buying a 3/4 ton truck to drive back and forth to work. The biggest problem I had with my Blackhawk was that I just couldn't shoot it well. I decided it was time to try something different.

I've been pondering getting another big bore revolver, and if I do I'm thinking a 454 cassul is next up. Full power 454 loads are near insanity in regards to recoil, but you can shoot anything from cowboy 45 colts to those insane 454 loads mentioned earlier. Plus they are made on the same frames as a 44. Now if I could only find more than a few days a year to actually use it......................

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Re: What would you get?

I two will say 357, The 22 is the cheapest to shoot and a lot of fun, but not much good for more than small game and plinking. Go to Wal-mart and price a box of 44 or 45colt, the 357 are no deal but half the price of 44 or 45. And you can find lead 38 rounds pretty cheap. If I did not reload and cast all my own bullets, the 40, 45ACP, and 45colt would not get near the range time they now do. I have taken two Deer with the 357. Both under 40 yards and they went right down with one in the boiler room.
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Re: What would you get?

I'll vote for the .357 as well. Between .38 spl. and .357, there are 100's of loads available to a non reloader. I also have a GP 100, and I can shoot it all day with no fatigue. Large enough for deer, and revolvers are legal to hunt with.

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Re: What would you get?

Add another vote for the .357 magnum for the reasons already stated.
I like the S&W 686 with 4"bbl.
Ruger and S&W both make quality double action revolvers.

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Re: What would you get?

I love 357 magnums,I have two of them,a Ruger SP101 and a Colt King Cobra.Can't go wrong.

One other option I haven't heard mentioned is a Ryger Single 6,comes with 22 and 22 mag cylinders,a little more versatile,but still too light for big game.
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