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Hunting handgun

Ok guys im thinking of getting a handgun to hunt deer with, want more of a challenge. Right now the two im leaning towards is a ruger super blackhawk hunter or a ruger redhawk both in 44 mag. Anybody have any experience with these. Also whats the difference between the redhawk and super redhawk, i dont like the way the super redhawk looks versus the regular redhawk.
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The blackhawk is single action and redhawk/super redhawk is double. The difference between super redhawk and redhawk is in the grip/frame with Super being larger. Also the action itself is different in the redhawk. I own a 7.5" super redhawk in 454 casull and really like it. I rarely if ever shoot 454 loads, generally I hand load 45 colt's up to similar to 44mag ballistics for hunting. The standard 45 colts are great for plinking too.
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I have a super blackhawk hunter and a super redhawk. Both are in 44 mag. I prefer the super blackhawk for a scope mounted handgun and the redhawk for open sights. I figure with a scope I would rather shoot single action super blackhawk and if I need to get off a quick shot the double action super redhawk would be faster. The redhawk would also load easier the the blackhawk. I would try and find a shop with one of each and handle them before you make a decision.
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I have a stainless 7.5 Black hawk Hunter. With a 6x pistol scope. Simmons, has help zero as good as my M8 Leupold's. Light, easy to walk with and plenty of power with a 240gn with in 100 yards. This was my first attempt to hunt with a pistol. I took a doe at 35 yards with it. I was hooked immediately. I have since move up to a T/C contender to play with the many calibers they offer. The challenge I found is finding a good rest at full extension while hunting from a tree stand. I have bought and built a few contraptions. Settled on a clamp on the front rail with a v yoke at the end that pivots. I use this along with two bow holders on my left and right side screwed into the tree so no matter what I have a good rest! It's fun!!!!! Good luck. BTW single action in a hunting situation's what I prefer. Double action for a follow up shot, I could find it hard to believe I could be accurate.
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I hunt with a Ruger Super Redhawk and a TC Contender. The S.Redhawk is in 44 mag with a 9 inch barrel. I had a scope on it for a while, but recently took it off as it is my dedicated bear driving gun. My Contender is also a 44 mag (I have other barrels too). This set up is a little more unique. I have a TC custom shop hunter special barrel. The barrel is a 12in with a brake at the end and a burris 2x scope.

As far as hunting with a pistol I'd say practice! It's not like your rifle or slug guns or any long arm for that matter. Your target acquisition is not as fast (unless you use open sights). So take you time and ready your shot. Additionally, unless you practice a lot your pull will be different shooting double action. Even when I fire at a bear I'm working my S.Redhawk as a single action for better accuracy. Their is much less trigger pull on single action.

I agree with what others have said. Your biggest challenge will be finding a steady rest. You can shoot them off hand, but it is a lot more difficult. I now use a primos mono pod that can extend up to my chest. It had a rubber V on the top which makes for a great rest. Other than having a sturdy rest will be a quality holster. Don't cheap out on a good shoulder holster. Most hunting hand cannon tend to be heavy. You'll want the safety, security, and readiness of a quality holster.
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welcome to the club.. as others said the BH hunter is single action and the redhawk is double...
i have the hunter in 41 when you add the scope and the heavier barrel profile it dose make it quite front heavy.
but i like the way it feels...
i all so have a regular black hawk in 44 mag TC contender an encore.. i carry an x frame 460 these days..
out of the Black hawk and red hawk.. i would go with the black hawk.
most the time your setting up your shots so you are using single action.. the trigger is way better on the BH and all so with a wolf spring kit can make it that much better.. also the price is a few $$ less as well.
granted having the double action to bring that fast fallow up shot is nice.. but if you practice and learn you can actually fire off a second shot using a single action black hawk very fast.
holster options for a B H Hunter are far and few between once you add the scope to the gun... your looking at uncle mikes scoped vertical holster if your lucky.
or the ever so large uncle mikes bandetio holster.
as stated before shooting rests are the question... i actually use a few different set ups and kinda fanagled my own.
shooting sticks mono pods tripods there is a few good choices out there but you will have to try each and find your own liking and go from there.

two important things i can pass along that i had to find out the hard way.. the other guys will chime in as with with these two...
1) you will never get any thing with the hand gun if you take it and a rifle... you want to hand gun hunt.. just take the handgun.
2) practice practice and go again.

the money you save on going with the BH over the Red hawk.. get a cheap lee reloader unless you know some one that dose...44 shells have doubled in cost over the last 10 years.. 50 rounds i used to get for about 25$ are now 55$ for the american eagle 240 grain semi jac HPs
the cost of such shells and recoil practicing actually got me to buy a 357 just to shoot more at the range..

but any ways as said before .. go out handle each and see what what feels nice.. but remember just cause it feels nice in the store dose not all ways feel the same as when you are firing it.
Best of luck and the other guys will say... feel free to ask more questions.
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I hunt with a Taurus Raging Bull in .44 and have been quite pleased with it. It's a little heavier than the Rugers, but that makes the recoil a little more bearable. I have no problem hitting a softball at 50 yards with open sights, and the fellas with scopes are doing much better well beyond that. If you're not stuck on Ruger, there's one for sale in the Classifieds right now. Not that being stuck on Ruger is a bad thing.
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Originally Posted by aswallace911 View Post
Ok guys im thinking of getting a handgun to hunt deer with, want more of a challenge. Right now the two im leaning towards is a ruger super blackhawk hunter or a ruger redhawk both in 44 mag. Anybody have any experience with these. Also whats the difference between the redhawk and super redhawk, i dont like the way the super redhawk looks versus the regular redhawk.
I'm with you, the Super Redhawk is just too big for a 44. Maybe it makes sense for a 454 or 480. It's just a tank. Hey, if your run out of ammo, you can always throw it out of your tree stand. If you hit old donna doe square in the head with that 5 pound revolver, you might come home with some venison!

PM'd you about a regular Redhawk. I'm the wrong person to ask, because I've never taken a liking to SA revolvers, preferring DA for everything.

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I have a Ruger Super Redhawk in 44 Mag with a 7.5" barrel. It's my go to bear driving weapon.
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The Super Blackhawk is a great gun. But with the grip angle it has, muzzle flip can be atrocious. Then factor in the factory wooden Ruger grips and it can be an unpleasant gun to shoot that should not be.

I put a set of rubber Hogue wrap-arounds on mine and it is much nicer to shoot. Still a lot of muzzle flip, though.

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