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didn't realize there was a sub forum

I have some equipment but I was wondering if there was someone near lebanon that wouldn't mind if they would show me there set up and give a demo on how its done. I know the principles and have the Hornady and Lymans books but I learn by doing better and I don't really feel comfortable experiment with it yet. The biggest things are how to set up the dies and setting the bullet. I am looking to reload 30-06 and would be willing to get enough powder and bullets to run 50 rounds and split them 25 and 25 with them for showing me.

Just realized some may not be to keen on invite a stranger into their home. Talk to ConfuciousSays or Sparkchaser they will vouch for me.

If an inline is just like a flintlock why don't you get a flintlock so you can hunt more seasons?
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