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Too old?

I've really had to work up some courage to post, and now I don't know where to begin. It sounds freakish and unbelievable to most people, but since I was a young girl I've wanted to learn how to fish and hunt. Unfortunately, my family (when I was growing up) was horrified at the thought, and so I just read about fishing and hunting. Then I married a man who, while not horrified, was merely not interested in fishing or hunting.

Last year, I turned 50 and decided that I was going to do the things I've always wanted to do. So, I told my husband that I was going to learn to fish, and if he wanted to come along, that would be fine. Well, I've been learning for a year now, and I love it! My husband is growing more enthusiastic about it, and is even talking about buying a fishing boat.

I just turned 51, and I really want to learn to shoot and hunt. Am I too old? Is this something you need to grow up doing? I'm in very good shape, lean and strong. Nearly everyone thinks I'm much younger than I am. And if I'm not too old, how do I begin? Where do I start?

I'm interested in turkey hunting, if that's any help!

I truly would appreciate any advice or direction you could give me.

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Re: Too old?

Absolutely not to old!

All you need is the desire, and you certainly have that! Heck! In some states, it's legal for blind people to hunt with assistance!

Welcome to HPA.

Where are you located? Perhaps we can point you to a club, or some members can assist you and the hubby!

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Re: Too old?

That's a very honest question. I would reccommend that you folks hook up with a hunter and someone who fishes who is willing to take you along and show you the ropes. Also, it's very important to take the Hunter Safety class. Hunting, I think to thoes of us who have the experience, is almost a natural thing. However, if you don't know what you don't know the smart thing is to have soemeone with the experiences and knowledge to give some help. Good luck - your'er going to love it!

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Re: Too old?

You are never too old to learn the shooting sports. We have people still shooting registered skeet and sporting clays well into their 70's. I would recomend that you guys try and get together with some of your friends who have firearms and go to your local range with them. I'm not sure what are you are in, but there are alot of beginner classes offered from the NRA at local clubs. If you are in south central PA then you can contact East Coast Gun Sales in Ducansvillec and there instructors run a variety of classes.
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Re: Too old?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You should contact one of our female members who a Hunts and fishes.Gal comes to mind,she is always quite helpful to anyone.She also has a ton of knowledge that she has no problem sharing.While I know that the guys here would gladly help (me included) maybe getting GALS female perspective would be helpful.I believe she would be an outstanding resource for not only you but anyone who needed some outdoors information.Where are you located?I'm sure you will have no trouble finding some helpful people on HPA.BTW,WELCOME.
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Re: Too old?

I sure hope you're not too old cause we're the same age. I plan on hunting grouse and bow for quite a few years and those two are both physical.Good luck

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Re: Too old?

Never to old to learn
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Re: Too old?

A few years back, a woman, probably over 50, came to one of events at my club that were for women only. There, they showed the women how to shoot hanguns, rifles, and shotguns. The shotgun part was where they threw claybirds and allowed them to try and shoot them. She loved it so much, she came to Wed nite trap shoots at the club.

Three years later, I saw an article in the local paper about how she was the new state champion in her age class for trap.

I actually think she was a retired teacher maybe?

In the same class, we had an 80 year old woman attend that had never shot a gun before and just wanted to learn how.

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Re: Too old?

Good Luck you’re never too old to enjoy the outdoors.
I hunt with a guy who is 75, had polio as a kid and had by-pass surgery 9 years ago and he still is into it. He has not come up to deer hunt with me for the past couple years because he is raising his HS aged granddaughter and is unable to leave her by herself for 3 or 4 days. He surely isn’t the fastest guy in the woods and only goes a few hundred yards from the truck, but he gets his share of game.
I am older then you and I can tell you I still get like a kid at Christmas when the leaves start changing color.
Check around with people that you or your husband may work with that hunt and see if you could go along with them. Check the paper for sportsman clubs that might be having an open house or there is usually someplace you can pay to shoot that will give instructions, gun and ammo.
Maybe if you list what part of the state you’re from someone on here might be able to point you in the right direction.
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Re: Too old?

Well if there wasn't enough in your post you registered on my son's birthday. You never know when and what calls you when it does or when you get to actually act on it. My son always fished as did I. He decided to pick up a fly rod at I think it was at 14 and then so did I into my forties. He was my inspiration, instead of me being his. He picked it up, put it down and then picked it up again and since then he has qualified for a National Competition that picks the best of the best for the USA Team FLy Fishing team. I'm no big competitor but it got me doing something I thought I could never do and hey I catch trout on my fly rod more than I don't which wasn't true for about 3 years.

I no great fly fisherman, no awesome marksman, but what I can and do is fish with my son on the stream and see what nobody else does. I hunt with my Father, my Brother, my Nephew and my sons and I don't have to wait to hear the stories after. I get to live them. It is never to late to learn and to share those moments. Squirrel hunting is a great way to get started and heck I'd grab a Barbie rod if that was the rod of the day. I have a tradition with my younger son that we reserve at least one day for a squirrel hunt. It is just the best bonding moment. It isn't fun at all getting the tiny pieces of hair off the squirrels and trying to cook them so you can actually eat them, which we do. We eat everything we take. Not always fun for me. So Ladies and Gentlemen if you have some great recipes please share!

Get busy with it. My hat is off to you! I remember my first deer and fishing with my parents and the funny thing is ..I don't feel any older.
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