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October Fishing Thread

Better Than Expected First Outing of the Month

My first fishing trip of the month took place on the first Saturday of the month. I went to a large limestone influenced stream I had not fished this year. A friend had fished a different section the previous day and had not done well. I thought about trying another stream instead but decided to try it but was ready to head elsewhere if the action was poor. I was not optimistic when I saw the stream level, but I parked my car and walked a long distance downstream before wading in.

I had two trout follow before I landed my first trout, a 12 inch wild brown. On the next cast, I caught a 10 ½ inch brown so I was off to a flying start. A brightly colored rainbow followed twice in the tail of a large pool but didn’t hit. I caught four more browns, ranging from 9 to 10 inches in the remainder of the hour.

The next hour produced eight wild browns from 8 to 12 inches. I had three others throw the hook. I was surprised I had not caught any smallmouth bass to that point, as I usually land a few in that section.

Hour number three started quickly, with a dancing 13 ½ inch brown, followed quickly by a 12 ½ incher. After that, I had trout after trout follow without hitting. I was in a slower section, so the response of the trout did not surprise me. When I reached a nice riffle, the action predictably picked up. I caught four 9 to 9 ½ inch browns in the riffle, plus a 10 incher from the tail out above it. Browns of 9 ½ and 8 ½ inches closed the hour.

A good sized brown that was likely in the 15 to 16 inch range followed my spinner back to me but saw me and beat a hasty retreat. I caught a 9 inch smallmouth before catching browns of 9 ½ and 9 inches. I endured a long dry spell, which was broken by three browns with a size range of 7 ½ to 9 ½ inches. I then caught my first and only fallfish of the day.

The action was slow in the remainder of the time I fished that section. I caught three more small browns and lost two others before I reached a tributary, which I fished for a few minutes. I caught a 13 inch rainbow before climbing the bank and walking back to my car.

I stopped to get something to eat before driving to another section. I waded in and cast to the far bank. A large shape emerged from the deep pocket and followed my spinner but turned away. On the next cast, it did the same thing. After that, he didn’t respond. It took a while before I landed a trout in the new section. The first was a nice 12 incher, followed by a 12 ¾ incher. The action was predictably slow in the deeper sections, but I had fast action in the riffles, at one point picking up six trout in 15 minutes, highlighted by a quadruple jumping 14 ¼ inch brown and a 14 inch brown. In the remaining time before dark, I caught eight more trout, all browns between 9 ½ and 11 ½ inches.

For the day, I did much better than expected. I caught 45 trout, all wild browns except for the rainbow in the tributary. All trout hit spinners. I tried a plug briefly early, but only had one follow on it. For the day, I walked 4.3 miles.

Slow Start, Strong Finish

The next weekend I headed to the north to try some freestone streams and get some pictures. The day started well for pictures as I saw this while driving to the stream.

Seven turkeys crossed the road as I neared my destination. I didn’t get my camera out in time to take a picture of them before they disappeared into the woods.

The area had received some rain, though when I arrived at the first stream, I was surprised that it was still low. I decided to give it a try. I didn’t even get a follow for almost the first half hour and only caught two trout the first hour; a 6 ½ inch brown and a gorgeous 8 ½ inch brookie. While getting my camera out, he slipped off the hook and was gone.

The action in the next hour improved but was still slow. I caught 5 trout, 4 wild browns and 1 brook trout, that ranged from 5 to 9 ½ inches. One other trout slipped the hook. Several small trout followed during the hour without hitting.

The fishing the next hour was similar. The second trout of the hour was my first one of the day to hit the 10 inch mark and a few minutes later, I caught another, a 10 ½ inch brown. Five browns and one brook trout came to hand during the hour. Typically, on that stream, I catch more brooks than browns, but to that point, I had 10 browns to only 3 brooks.

A doe ran along the bank to start the next hour and it took a while to catch my first trout of the hour, a 7 ½ inch brown. I only caught three other trout during the hour, an 11 ½ inch brown, a 7 inch brook, and my largest trout of the day to that point, a 12 ¾ inch brown. A larger brown followed but didn’t hit. I think that fish was in the 14 to 15 inch range. During the hour, I saw my largest trout of the day, which was a big surprise. It was a large golden rainbow, which I have never seen there. It may have been stocked my one of the people in the nearby camps. It’s also possible it migrated a long way upstream from the lake, which is stocked.

The fishing remained slow for the first half of hour number five, but then it picked up considerably as I approached a beaver pond. I caught 7 trout in the bottom half of the hour, all browns with the largest being 12 inches.

I fished that stream for one more hour, which produced 12 trout; 10 browns and 2 brooks. The biggest trout of the hour was 12 ¾ inches and was the second of three trout caught on consecutive casts. I was a long way from my car, so I waded around the lower part of the beaver pond and out to the road. It took about 45 minutes to reach my vehicle. I drove to a nearby tributary, another class A freestoner, which joined the stream downstream of where I had been fishing.

The action was good in the short time of daylight I had left. I caught 10 wild browns and 3 brook trout in the 1.25 hours I fished there.

For the day, I caught 49 trout in 7.25 hours, all on spinners. 40 were wild browns and 9 were brook trout. The largest were a trio of 12 ¾ inch browns. The biggest brookie was 8 ½ inches. I saw a bear, 4 deer, and 7 turkeys. I walked 5.4 miles during the day.

Good Pictures, Lousy Fishing

The next day was my birthday, and I hoped to have a great day fishing and taking pictures. I expected a stream that was close to where I was staying to be elevated from recent rains. Due to the extremely cold overnight temperatures, I didn’t arrive until later in the morning. Unfortunately, the stream was so low I didn’t bother fishing it. I thought about returning to where I had left off the previous day but didn’t. Looking back, that would have been the smart thing to do.

I left there and began a long day of stream hopping and not much fishing. The second stream I drove to was very low, so I drove to the stocked stream it flows into, which was also low. I tried it for an hour and caught only one trout, a 9 inch wild brown. I fished up the tributary for a half hour, where I lost one nice trout and caught a 7 ½ inch brown. I walked out and returned to my car. I drove to another tributary of the first stream I fished, which is a stocked stream known for its scenic beauty. I hadn’t fished there in years. I’ve never had good fishing there but wanted to get some pictures. I only caught a 10 inch rainbow and a 7 inch wild brown in the 1.25 hours I was there. I tried a tiny trib for 15 minutes with not even a follow to show for it.

I walked back to my car and drove to still another stream. I knew it was going to be low, but I hoped I could end the day well. I walked through a lot of shallow water, flipping casts to the deeper pockets. The first trout to show himself hit my spinner, cleared the water and got off. I caught only three trout in the 0.75 hours I fished before I reached a section where the landowner must have gotten a volume discount on no trespassing signs. There were three trees in a row that had two signs each on them. Maybe he’s hoping the squirrels will stay off his trees.

On the day, I caught a measly seven trout, my lowest outing of the year. I walked 4.8 miles even though I fished very little. The biggest trout was an 11 inch wild brown. I saw 7 deer during the day. The highlight of the day was the beauty of the streams I fished.


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On Friday, I had my first vacation day since July and of course went fishing. I normally try to be on the stream early, but the overnight temperatures were very low and it was windy in the morning, so I left late but arrived later than I wanted to, due to an accident and road construction. I hope that no one was injured in the accident.

I knew the stream, a very popular limestoner, would be very low, so my expectations were reduced. Due to the low water, I tied on a smaller spinner than I normally would to start. I started with a #1 French Blade Spinner. At first, I only got follows, so I tried something I rarely use, a Niti spoon. I had a couple of follows and one hit, but I missed the trout. I then tried a small plug. I had several follows but no hits. I remembered several years ago during a fall outing, I was only getting follows in similar conditions and I tried a large spinner, despite the low water. It worked that day, so I figured I would move up a size and try a #2 spinner. My second cast with it produced a strike. I set the hook and the brown immediately got off. Two casts later, I landed my first trout of the day, a 9 inch wild brown. I lost another trout before closing the hour with a 13 inch brown.

The next hour opened with a 12 3/4 inch brown, a popular size for me so far this month. I had several follows before landing a 9 incher. A short time later, this 14 incher came to hand.

As I moved upstream, a brown rocketed in, smashed my spinner, then cleared the rock pictured below.

There's an old song by a bizarre 80s group, the B-52s, called "Rock Lobster". This trout was "Rock Leaper"[IMG class=inlineimg]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG] The trout was a red spotted beauty.

I caught two 9 1/2 inch browns before I came to a familiar spot. My spinner landed perfectly under a root tangle and I felt an immediate hit. I set the hook and a heavy brown zoomed out and dashed around for a minute or two before I netted it. On the very next cast, a very nice, but slightly smaller trout, drilled my spinner. Browns of 16 and 15 1/2 inches enhanced my anticipation level.

I landed six browns each in hours two and three. Toward the end of hour #3, I caught another 15 1/2 incher, as well as a 14 incher. I lost what I suspect was a hog brown, as well as several other nice sized trout.

The action slowed for some reason in the next hour, as I caught only four browns, ranging from 8 to 11 inches.

Two small browns opened hour #5, then I had about a 10 minute dry spell before a dandy 15 3/4 inch brown hammered my spinner. I had caught quite a few of my trout in shallow riffles during the day, but that one came from a deep pool. I hadn't had much success in the deeper water before that trout, but after it, I went on a mini-surge, getting five browns ranging from 8 1/2 to 12 1/2 inches from that section. I lost a very nice trout before landing four more to finish out the day. I caught 12 trout in the last hour I fished.

I only fished 5.25 hours and caught 30 wild browns, all on spinners. Seven others slipped the hook. I didn't catch a high number of trout, but I did better than I expected, and caught some really beautiful trout. My biggest trout was 16 inches, and I landed three between 15 and 16 inches. My phone app registered 3.6 miles walked.

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Awesome post as always. Both of my boys look forward to your posts with great write ups and pictures. They are always asking to see if you have a new post up. Your hard work is really appreciated
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Originally Posted by Pointing Lab View Post
Awesome post as always. Both of my boys look forward to your posts with great write ups and pictures. They are always asking to see if you have a new post up. Your hard work is really appreciated
Thanks very much!! I really appreciate it! I’m glad you and your sons enjoy my posts.

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Three Day Fishing Blitz

I close the October thread with a summary of my three most recent outings:

Trout. Lots. Fun.

For those who would like a bit more detail, read on.

I had vacation days on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, I went to a large northeastern stream I had only visited once previously this year. The stream has a good brown trout population and I catch the occasional rainbow there. It was lower than I would normally fish it, but was still at a much better level than it had been in months.

It took a little over 15 minutes to catch my first trout, an 11 3/4 inch brown that looked like a stocker. I caught a 10 incher soon after, but went troutless through a spot that almost without fail produces a trout. I had a lull before a nice brown piled into my spinner then bounded around like it was on a pogo stick (some of you may be too young to know what that is). It jumped four times before I brought it to my feet. It measured 15 inches. A few minutes later, a single jumping 14 1/2 incher was added to my tally. On the very next cast, I caught a 10 incher. The hour closed with browns of 11 1/2 and 9 1/2 inches.

I lost three straight browns before landing a 10 incher. Then a heavy trout drilled my spinner, rolled, and was off. I'm pretty sure that trout was over 16 inches. I caught seven more trout during that angling hour, highlighted by a hard running 14 1/2 incher and a 9 1/2 incher, which jumped six times.

The action slowed way down as hour number three only produced four trout. I wasn't even getting follows from spots I would normally expect them. It was very sunny, and with the low water, I believe that made the trout very cautious.

I fished another 2.25 hours and caught 12 trout during that time. They were all from the junior division except for one 12 incher; the others were each less than 10 inches.

For the day, I caught 31 trout in 5.25 hours, all brown trout. All hit spinners except for two, which hit plugs.

Friday Fishing

On Friday I was joined my friend Tim Risser and his 13 year old son. We fished a large stream, hoping to catch some big trout. I caught a 12 inch brown on my 4th cast and a 7 incher soon after. I caught 3 more trout the first hour, but neither of them landed anything. Tim got on the board in the second hour, with Drake landing his first trout about ten minutes later.

The action was slow for the most part but we still caught the occasional trout before we reached a point where the trout stopped responding to spinners. I switched to a small plug and the trout really responded, so they switched as well and their level of success increased dramatically.

We ended up fishing for 9 1/2 hours and caught 91 trout between the three of us. All were browns except for four rainbows. Tim caught the largest trout, a 17 3/4 inch brown. He also caught a 16 inch rainbow and a 15 1/2 inch brown. Drake caught two hogs as well, browns of 16 and 17 inches. I didn't catch any trout over 16 inches, but landed six between 15 and 16 inches. I had follows from a couple of big trout.

It was a very long day, but we had a lot of fun.

(Tim Risser photo)

(Tim Risser photo)

(Tim Risser photo)

(Tim Risser photo)


I woke up early the next morning with an intense headache and felt sick to my stomach. I began to feel better around mid-morning, so I got up and drove to a limestoner about 45 minutes away. The water was low and I didn't know what to expect. I flipped my first cast to the base of a nice riffle. WHAM! A nice trout hit and I started the day with a first cast trout, which some people consider to be bad luck. In short order I caught an 11 inch wild brown, then an 8 1/2 incher, followed by a 9 inch rainbow. A nice brown hit and slipped the hook before I landed browns of 9 and 10 inches. I went about ten minutes before my second 12 inch brown of the hour came to hand. I ended the hour with a 15 inch brown, which I thought was a hog when I hooked him.

I continued upstream until I reached posted water. I caught 10 more trout in those 45 minutes, all wild browns between 5 and 12 1/2 inches. A brown in excess of 20 inches followed my spinner in a deep pool to the bank, then beat a hasty retreat when he saw me. Catching that fish would have been a day maker.

A light drizzle started as I waded out of the main creek and into a tributary. The lower part of the stream produced nothing and I suspected it had been fished recently. I was ready to walk out when I caught three trout in short order; wild browns of 8 1/2 and 10 inches and a parr-marked rainbow. I caught 12 trout in the two hours I fished there; 9 wild browns and 3 rainbows. I used to catch rainbows very rarely in that stream, typically in the lower section, but I've caught them more frequently in the past couple of years. The biggest trout I caught in the trib was a 12 1/2 inch brown.

Since I got a late start, I didn't have a lot of daylight left, so I returned to the mainstem, downstream from where I had started. I had two trout hit and get off before I landed two 9 1/2 inch browns. A brightly colored rainbow followed four times, finally hitting on the fourth retrieve. I didn't get a good hook-set, and he escaped immeditately. As the light faded, I picked up my pace, and caught browns of 10", 10", 6" and 8" before I reached a deep pool. I switched to a plug in hopes of catching a big trout. On my second cast, a small trout hit but I whiffed on the hook-set. Two casts later, I felt a solid hit and set the hook. I didn't miss that time and felt a heavy trout on the line. I expected a big brown but it was a rainbow that measured 17 inches. I took a picture but it didn't turn out well in the fading light so I didn’t include it. I caught one more trout, a 12 1/2 inch brown before I called it a day.

I fished 5 1/2 hours on the day, and landed 39 trout; 34 browns and 5 rainbows. The biggest was the aforementioned 17 inch rainbow. The biggest brown was 15 inches. I walked 3.8 miles on the day.

I had hoped to fish on Sunday as well, but most of the state received some much needed heavy rain, so I rested.

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My feet hurt just reading all that Andy. Way to go and keep pounding the trout and posting up!!!
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Great write ups! That sounds like a good October to me. I look forward to reading about the giant browns you guys catch. That's my unicorn. A 20"+ brown has eluded me thus far. At least reading you guys posts let me know they are out there! Congratulations on a fine October
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Originally Posted by Trout 2003 View Post
My feet hurt just reading all that Andy. Way to go and keep pounding the trout and posting up!!!
Thanks very much. Where we fished on Friday always takes a long time because it’s such a long stretch of water, but one of my favorite places. I hadn’t fished that section in almost two years and was very happy to be back.
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Originally Posted by thebuckshow View Post
Great write ups! That sounds like a good October to me. I look forward to reading about the giant browns you guys catch. That's my unicorn. A 20"+ brown has eluded me thus far. At least reading you guys posts let me know they are out there! Congratulations on a fine October
Thanks. I didn’t catch as many big trout (16” or more) during the month as I’d expect. I caught a lot of trout between 15 & 16 inches.

20” wild browns are not common here and they aren’t easy to catch. I’ve caught five 20” browns this year but one of them was a stocker. It’s a matter of patience and opportunity. Keep at it.

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Awesome thread here. Great catches and thanks for sharing guys.

I love to fish, I do it all spring and summer. I cannot get myself to stop hunting to go fishing though.

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