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Four Late May Trout Fishing Adventures

Two Memorial Day Weekend Outings

I fished twice over the holiday weekend. I slept in on Saturday morning and didn’t arrive at my destination until mid-morning. When I arrived, I saw a familiar pick-up truck parked there and texted a friend to see if he was fishing there. He was but was upstream from where I intended to fish. I quickly got ready and hastily walked down the trail until I reached some deep, slow water I hadn’t fished before. The stream I was fishing is a class A woodland freestoner that has mostly brown trout. It also has native brookies as well as some smallmouth bass.

I didn’t get so much as a follow for the first 15 minutes I fished, but as I pulled the spinner through a deep pocket, I saw a very thick fish open its mouth and grab my spinner. I set the hook, but the fish turned, and the spinner popped out. I got a good look at the fish. It was a smallmouth bass that I’m sure was over 16 inches long. Two years ago, fishing in the same stretch, I caught a 16 inch smallmouth. A few casts later, another large fish struck, and unfortunately, threw the hooks. That fish was a brown trout that I’m sure was over 16 inches.

My first landed fish was a 10 inch bass. I didn’t land a trout until 30 minutes into my first angling hour. It was a little 7 inch wild brown, but beggars can’t be choosers, and I was happy to be on the board. A 9 incher soon followed, and the action picked up from there. I caught six more browns in the remainder of the hour and lost two others. The size of the trout were; 10, 11 , 13, 12, 9, and 10 inches, respectively.

The next hour started almost as slowly as the first. I hooked a heavy fish, but I knew from its shape that it was a bass. It was 14 inches long. It took 20 minutes before I landed a nice 13 inch brown. Another 13 inch brown soon followed. After ten troutless minutes, I flipped my spinner under an overhanging branch into a pocket next to the bank. A trout was on the spinner instantly. I set the hook and the heavy fish dove under a log, then into heavy current. I thought it had hog potential but when I scooped my net under him, I had a familiar feeling that he was going to be just short. The tape stretched to 15 inches as I suspected. A short time later, I caught my fourth 13 inch brown of the day. Just before the end of the hour, I dropped my spinner under a logjam and again a heavy brown responded. As I battled the fish, I knew there was no doubt on this one. It measured 17 inches, a very nice trout anywhere, but especially in a small freestoner. It was my 13th trout of the day and having caught four 13 inchers, anyone who was superstitious might have stopped fishing.

Angling hour #3 opened with a 12 inch stocked rainbow coming to hand, something I had never caught in that stream. It must have been stocked in there or came from a tributary. About five minutes later, I hooked and landed another big brown, a nice 17 incher. The next spot produced a 9 inch brown, followed by my first brook trout of the day, a feisty 7 incher. I lost a sub-legal brookie on the next cast. I caught four more trout to close the hour, browns of 8 and 12 inches, and brooks of 6 and 7 inches.

The next hour commenced with three straight lost trout before I caught 8 and 9 inch browns. I went through about a 15 minute dead period before landing an 8 inch brook trout followed by a 6 incher. An 11 inch brown was my first double digit sized trout of the hour, which was followed by a nice 9 inch native brookie. An 8 inch brookie came to hand a couple minutes after that.

I unexpectedly came up empty in a very likely looking deep spot, then caught 12 and 9 inch browns in the next section of water. I cast to some good looking holding water, which produced a 9 inch brookie. I lost a nice brown and had some follows before I reached a deep pocket under a low hanging tree branch. My cast landed right at the top of the pocket and after two cranks of the reel handle, I saw a flash and I set the hook. The brown dove then headed for the fast water at the tail. I maneuvered the brown into the shallows where I had hopes of a third hog. At 16 inches, it barely qualified. I was near my car and I was sure that the section near where I parked had already been fished. I had no interest on a spinner and a small trout chased a plug that I tried. I knew the water upstream from there had already been fished and I decided to try another stream.

I drove to a stream I had never fished before and it took a while to find a stretch that didn’t have an abundance of the dread no trespassing signs. I parked my car and walked in. It took a while before I got any action. I caught two small wild browns before hooking (and losing) a heavy brown that I believe was between 15 and 16 inches. I fished through some nice looking water before I caught a 12 inch brown. As I approached a bridge, I could see bright yellow signs on the other side. I caught a 6 inch brown and a nice 12 inch brown to close the day.
Overall, I caught 37 trout and 3 bass in 5 hours of fishing. 28 trout were wild browns, 8 were native brooks, and 1 was the surprise rainbow. I unexpectedly caught three over 16 inches and lost a fourth. I also saw two fawns, the first I have seen this year.

Distance walked: 4.6 miles
Pictures from the day:

Monday Freestoners

On Monday, I went to a large freestoner that I’ve been itching to fish for weeks, but haven’t been able to, because it’s been too high. It’s actually still too high, but I decided to try it. It’s a scenic stream with a good wild brown trout population and there are also some big trout there.

The stream was flowing fast, and the wading and fishing was difficult. I had many trout follow without hitting to start. I caught 6 wild browns in the first hour and lost 5. The biggest trout of hour #1 was 11 inches and it hit a #5 Rapala.

The next hour produced more of the same, lots of light hits, 6 trout caught and 6 slipped the hook. Losing trout was a problem all day as the trout were jumping fools, and a fair number got off due to the heavy current. The highlight of the second hour was a 16 inch brown.

Hour #3 yielded only 5 trout, all between 7 and 10 inches. 4 trout took to the air to gain their freedom.
I fished that stream for another 1 hours and caught 9 browns. The highlight was this 17 incher with vivid red spots.

After walking back to my car, I drove to two other sections of the same stream. I probably should have tried the first section, but I didn’t, and the second section was occupied by another fisherman. I drove to a nearby freestoner that I had driven past numerous times but never tried.

I fished the little stream for 1 hours and caught 16 trout. All but two were wild browns with the largest being 12 1/4 inches. The other two trout were stocked brook trout of 12 and 14 inches, which I believe were stocked by a private club further upstream. Four leapers threw my spinners on that stream too.
For the day, I caught 42 trout (40 wild browns and 2 stocked brook trout) in 6 hours of fishing. An astounding 20 trout were LDRs (long distance releases). All hit spinners except for two which hit plugs. Two trout over 16 inches were the highlights of the day.

Distance walked: 3.3 miles

The day's pictures:

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Two Late May Vacation Days

I took two days off last week hoping to improve on what has been a rather disappointing month, except for one outing. I fished with my friend Mark TroutAngler. I drove to the area we were going to fish the night before since I live a long distance from there. I was so concerned that the streams were going to be too high, so I suggested that I go to the main stream we wanted to fish as soon as it was light enough to see and text him if it was fishable. Mark agreed.

To my surprise, the stream was up, but fishable, so I texted Mark and we agreed on a meeting place. I drove upstream to select a good walk out point, then drove to a nearby stream. I fished it for an hour and caught 7 trout; 5 native brooks and 2 wild browns. My second trout, a 14 inch brown, was my largest trout to that point.
I met Mark and we drove to the stream. We fished it for two hours before we ran into an angler who was fishing downstream. He said he had started quite a distance upstream, so we knew it was pointless to fish water that he had already waded through. Mark had caught 16 trout and I had added 8 to my tally.

We drove to a different section of the stream I had fished before he arrived. The action was disappointing. We fished the little stream for 2 hours. Mark caught 9 trout and I tallied 7. We stopped to eat lunch and then Mark headed home, and I drove around to look at some other streams, though I didn’t fish any more.

Mark landed 25 trout on the day with a 12 inch brown being the largest trout. I’m not sure what Mark’s breakdown was between brooks and browns. I caught 22 trout; 14 browns and 8 brooks. My largest trout was 14 inches. I lost 7 trout on the day. We caught all trout on spinners. It’s always fun to fish with Mark, even when the fishing is slow. I walked 3.3 miles on the day.

The next day, I drove to a very scenic freestoner that I knew would be high, but I hoped the elevated flow would aid in catching a big trout or two. I fished the stream for 2 hours and caught only 7 wild browns, the largest being 11 inches. One heavy trout hit, but threw the hooks in the air, which has become too common of an occurrence.

I fished up one of its tributaries for an hour and caught five wild browns. The biggest was 10 inches. After that, I drove a short distance to another tributary and fished up to its beautiful plunge pool. I caught two native brook trout and a 12 inch brown from the pool.

I finished the day by driving a long distance to a stream that I hadn’t fished in several years and never in the section I ended up fishing. I drove over some rutted mountain roads and had to clear fallen trees and debris from the road several times. I fished that stream for 1 hours and caught 11 trout; 6 browns and 5 brooks. The biggest trout was an 11 inch brown. For the day, I fished for 5 hours and caught 26 trout. Due to the high water, I had to skip several sections where the water was flowing too fast. As a result, I walked 6.3 miles.

Over the course of the weekend, I saw 15 deer, a turkey, and a porcupine.

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We are so lucky to have so many nice streams here in the state. Nice stream photos. Lots of water again this year...hope it continues.

I'm surprised you and MarkAngler didn't do better. Running into another angler is a bummer after driving so far. The high water does concentrate the anglers on the smaller streams, though.

As usual, lots of big trout, too. Congrats on that.
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I can be contacted at [email protected].
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Outstanding pics/report!!
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A couple of good outings there. Those little springs certainly seem to be gushing!
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Thats some fine photography there Andy. I enjoyed the read
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Those are some beautiful browns, good work!
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Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words.
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Man these are some gorgeous fish!

I'm planning a trip where I only carry a box of spinners. I need to do it, because I find it to be really enjoyable, but I need to work on my technique a bit first.
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Originally Posted by Mikeymjr23 View Post
Man these are some gorgeous fish!

I'm planning a trip where I only carry a box of spinners. I need to do it, because I find it to be really enjoyable, but I need to work on my technique a bit first.
Thanks very much!

What part(s) of your technique do you need to work on? Casting accuracy? Setting the hook?

I think that not taking anything else with you is a good idea. It will force you to work on your skills. I used to fish mostly with bait, then started using spinners more and more. But I took bait with me as a fall back. When I decided to just fish with artificials, I got a lot better at it. I’d recommend the same thing for anyone who wants to improve at fly fishing; take nothing else with you.

Full disclosure: my lure box has spinners of different sizes and types, some plugs, and a few light spoons. I’ve used spinners the vast majority of the time this year. I’ve only fished with plugs for a limited amount of time in a couple of outings, and I haven’t used the spoons at all this year.
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