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The End is Near

The End is Near

The end of my teacher's summer is near. One more week and I'll be back to the daily commute and teaching and coaching and summer fishing will be a distant memory. These things are always on the back of my mind when I fish in August. Its bittersweet. I seem to appreciate how much time I get to spend outdoors more than I normally appreciate it.

Picking up from where I left off in my last post, the 2nd half of July was very dry in the western half of the keystone state. It simplified things for me, because there was absolutely nowhere else to fish, other than the river. I got a lot more done around the house during that 2 week period too.

As I mentioned in previous posts, the river hasn't been easy this year. Flood waters for all of may and most of June, and when I did get to fish it in July, I've been getting stonewalled. Well, just like that, a switch flipped, and I had a few great days.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

The scenery here obviously is enough to keep me content, but the rainbows were ravenous over a 3 day period that I fished it consecutively.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

These fish were crazy, as usual. As soon as they felt a hook in their mouths, they would leap vertically up, 2-3 feet out of the water. When they do this 50 feet away, in the swift current, it doesn't always end well for the angler. But, quite a few were landed.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr
This was my biggest river fish this year at 16". Usually, I have a few over 20 by now, but that has been the theme of my year.

As a small side trip, I stopped to fish a small river tributary on the way home one day. The water was low, but there were a few big holes in succession that I could work through in 20 minutes before jumping back in the car. My first cast into the first hole here I was quite surprised to extract a modest little golden rainbow. 8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr
This is my 2nd GRT this year. I never actually try to catch them, they are just incidental. Much of the water I fish is unstocked, and most of my fishing doesn't take place til the school year is out, and most have been harvested or predated upon.

About 10 days ago, some of my area started getting some rain, but it only included a few streams that are on the edge of how far I'll go. I drove to one such stream for an afternoon fish. The fishing was so fast that I honestly didn't take any picture but one…
Of the over 120 trout I landed in a few hours here, this wild brown was by far the biggest, with most everything else under 11". 8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickrv

A few days after my "long journey", rain finally started falling closer to home. I rose early one morning and hiked way into a stream that looked like it got its fair share of precip. I got on the water, and I cranked out a beautifully spotted native. 8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

This stream has a very high gradient, and waterfalls seems to be around every turn.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

Rain started falling, but fish kept coming.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

The intensity of rain increased to a point where it was now pouring. This was the last picture I took before hiking out. The water turned brown and the fishing turned off.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

One afternoon, I tried another stream that looked like it received a bit of rain.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

This was a new stream for me, and I left being quite please. It harbored mostly wild browns, with a few natives and a few wild rainbows mixed in.
Many of the browns were in the 12-13" range.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

With a few approaching 20".
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

Of the 70+ fish caught here, only 5 were native brookies, but one was an absolute whopper.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

As I have mentioned in years past, wild rainbows seem to be taking over many streams in my home area. Native brookies are being outcompeted and pushed into the extreme headwaters. One such stream, 6 years ago yielded over 100 native brookies in an outing, without any wild rainbows. 8.8.18 by eric reger, on Flickr
I fished that stream last week, and caught nothing but wild rainbows. Granted, I didn't fish the entire way up the stream, and there could still be natives waaaay up there, but they have been removed from most of their former habitat.
8.8.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

The rain we have been getting has been falling in bursts. And often, these 2" dumpings of rain flush through a watershed really quickly. While storm chasing one morning, I drove over half a dozen streams that I thought might be fishable, with no luck. I didn't even get out of the car. Defeated, on my way back home, I stopped at one last stream, that for years, I have had a hunch would be a great spot in low water conditions. I arrived, found public access parking, and gazed upon what looked like a strong flow.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

I took a temp., and that looked stellar as well, for the first week of august with all other streams being low and warm.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr

The only problem was, that this stream was completely strangled by vegetation. In the "open " areas as shown below, I was pulling out fish at a wonderful pace.
8.8.18 by eric reger, on Flickr8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr
This is a stream where I may have to come and do some trimming this winter, to give myself a "low water" stream to fish for next summer.

On many of my outdoor trips recently, I have been seeing Ginseng berries coming onto the plants.
8.2.18 by eric reger, on Flickr
They say if you find ginseng on a steep slope, to look uphill to find more, since the seeds likely rolled down from older plants. I don't ever dig what I find, but it is still interesting to find it.
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Oh my god LOOK AT THAT SPINNER!! hahaha. I completely understand why but I have never seen a beast like that!!! I had to do a double-take when I flipped past the picture haha. How does the rod handle such a monstrosity?? It's gotta weight almost twice the normal spinner. Pretty stinkin good thinking though. Probably casts a county mile and get down in a hurry I'll bet. That's what you have to have at a place like that with the cross current situation.

Do you catch any actual fingerlings in the river? 3-4" fish?

Boy this summer has shot by in a hurry i'll tell ya that. That never seems to change. They just go faster and faster and faster.

Picture #1 is Epic. That's a great shot. It really captures 'fishing the river'.

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Good photos showing the coloring and patterns of some nice trout.

I believe my friend and I fished that particular area of the river a couple of weeks ago using your guidelines to select spots to fish. I got a great photo of him fishing with almost the exact same background minus the fog.

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Fabulous pics, congrats on a productive outing! Although I’m like yourself, the beauty of the scenery is enough to keep me out there for hours even if I didn’t catch a thing. You guys really make me jealous I don’t live closer to some mountain freestoners. I need to get out there and explore!
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Outstanding pics & great report!! Thanks for sharing bout time to get back to work!!

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That brownie is gorgeous!!!

My name is Moss and i'm a turkey huntin' addict

I'm itchin' to see a red fox twitchin!
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You have some superb pictures in your write up. It’ an enjoyable read as well.

I understand that wild rainbows have encroached on wild brook trout populations in other eastern streams. You live in an area that has more wild rainbow streams than any other part of the state. There’s only a few streams that I fish that have wild rainbows. On one of them, I still catch a decent number of native brookies as well as wild rainbows. On another, I’ve caught very few brook trout the last few times I fished it. It’s been mostly rainbows and a few browns. I haven’t fished any of those streams this year though.
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Yes, my river spinners are quite heavy. I just stack big brass beads on top of big brass beads over and over. You have to be able to cast at least 30-40 yards and they need to sink deep.

Pahoytman- you were right, whenever the full sun hits the water, the trout usually turn off or slow way down there.
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