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Trip Compilation

As water levels in the SE continue to drop to normal summer water levels, despite the random T-storm, I can't help but think back to recent weeks and the ample flows they provided. I always feel a lot of pressure to fish as much as possible from mid May through mid June as I know the party is coming to end when July water levels force me to retreat from my stable of low water producers. While low water spots are fun and take the edge off, they are never as exciting as the full deck of cards that early summer provides. In recent weeks I traveled back to SWPA to visit my elderly grandparent and while I was there I spent a few days on the water chasing wild and stocked trout. I started on a stream that I hadn't seen in many many years. In fact when I last visited it only had a handful of native brook trout in the entire stream but now has robust number of natives. Water levels were good if not a little high and cold.

and although there were almost no large individual brooks out this day (they are there) I did catch well over 100 trout for the morning before making the LOOONG walk back to the truck

During the walk out I notice many, what I think, are Birch Sawflies on rocks around the stream. They're a large big so you definitely notice them.

The following day I returned to a stream that has quickly become a personal favorite. Air temps were an unseasonably cool 46 degrees when I arrived but the trout didn't care and I had an awesome day catching wild brown, native brooks, and a PILE of holdover stocked trout.

On the walk out, after catching 163 trout for the day I was greeted by a double rainbow from a distant thunderstorm

Back to the eastern shore I came for this past weekend. On Thursday I grabbed a little time to hit one of my favorite eastern waters and man were the wild browns out and about. Every likely looking spot held a trout and the action was excellent from start to finish.

Most of the trout were on the small side with the exception of this 18" wild brown that hit near the end of the trip

On the walk back this hen had no problem introducing me to her youngins'

Another 120+ trout for the day made my Friday at work much more tolerable leading into the weekend. I had to sit out Saturday with lots of company at the house but Father Day was my day and I was out of the house early headed for what might be one of the most popular and famous trout streams on the planet. Widely considered the birth place of American fly fishing but also very private and exclusive with clubs. NY and NJ elite travel weekly to test their skills on the miles and miles of expensive heavily stocked club water. I, of course, opted for some of the public open water available since I don't have millions to waste on a lease and I don't fly fish often.....both of which are huge disqualifiers for fishing some of the more prime locations on the stream. Regardless I did my damage on some big beautiful water.

Along my travels I saw this terribly emaciated whitetail that showed all the symptoms of CWD

That being said I highly doubt it was CWD. Probably just a very very sick deer with only a few days to live at the most. She wouldn't leave the stream and just stared at me like a zombie on the walking dead.

I moved past her and restarted my on-slot of the rich peoples wash-down fish haha

After 4 hours it was getting warm and I elected to head out with 60+ fish to hand. There were a lot of flowers on the water back like this Fox Glove.

I steered clear as it was numerous and is extremely poisonous. Fox Glove is a Cardiac toxin and an effective one at that. It should never be messed with without proper protection.

Blue Flag was also very common.

The air temp was hot at 90 degrees and the rail grade was just scorching on the walk back. I was happy to get back into the AC of my truck for the ride home. We'll see what the rest of the summer holds but I'm pretty sure I'll no longer have the pick of whatever trout stream I wanna fish. Water's getting meager and by this weekend I'll be traveling far and wide to find suitable conditions. It's what I do and it's all part of the game though I suppose.
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I did a Google on the birthplace of fly fishing in America. Seems there's some disagreement among flyfishermen as to where that is exactly. I always thought it was the famous Leetort, but others claim it was in the Poconos of Pennsylvania or the Catskills of NY. Maybe the Letort is where dry fly fishing got going in America. I don't worry about it since I don't fly fish. I'd be more interested in knowing where the first spinner was cast. Maybe a fly angler is reading this and can enlighten me.

Your first photo of that deep pool on a mountain stream is really nice.

The first rainbow trout is a real beauty too.

To me it looks like the water is still flowing well in eastern PA from your photos.

Congrats on a bunch more of really good outings.

I can be contacted at [email protected].
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Nice pics
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Ya my understanding was that the Letort was where the most innovations took place but American fly fishing gets it's roots from a main waterway in the Poconos as well as the 2 main runs in the Catskills. What do I know though. It is neat to fish fabled waters at times even though there is much better fishing elsewhere (rich NYers roll over in their graves).

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Looks like the tree fell in since last year! Took me forever to find that picture but as soon as I saw the one you posted, I knew I had taken one last year from almost the same vantage point. I fished there a day last week with my brother and the action did seem awkwardly slow but I never figured another spinner fisherman had been there. Did you fish up the other branch at all? It is equally as productive but not quite as scenic. Let me know next time you fish there, its only 5 minutes from my house. I'd like to tag along and learn a few things.
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Nice pics and story, Got to Love Pennsylvania.

Potter County
Gods Country USA
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Always glad to learn something new - I had no idea that Fox Glove was a cardiac toxin. The pictures were great as well. I assume they were from your new camera and not the android?
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I had no idea either about Fox Glove. I'll know to avoid it.

Great pictures! I especially like the double rainbow. And the rainbow you caught is beautiful too.
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The ironic part about Fox Glove is that while you can get Fox Glove poisoning easy enough from it, it is also used for many heart medicines on the market today. There's a saying about it "Fox Glove can raise the dead and it can kill the living" coined in the 1700s. It's been utilizing medicinally for that long. It's probably been used to murder more than one person too. Today though, it mostly effects young children that are attracted to the flower which is pretty eye catching.
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I would be really really surprised if I affected the fishing for you TDM. It was some time ago that that trip took place. Add to that just how stupid Brookies are. When I was walking back down the stream I was fishing stuff I'd already fished and catching trout haha. I literally caught the same brook twice from the same holding spot haha. You never know though. I was surprised that I didn't catch any larger fish and I mean none. My biggest fish was like 8" max. I didn't even see a bigger fish. Then you went in weeks later and had the same outcome. Odds are that's not a coincidence. My guess is that someone that knows what their doing has been up in there doing a lot of harvesting. It would take only moderate skill to clean large native brooks out of that small stream. It's rare that I would say harvest was an issue but the two of us seeing the same thing...........I don't know.

I did see a group of mergansers shockingly. Unreal for them to be up in a place like that.

I will note that. I didn't know you lived THAT close. How convenient. I knew is was in the county. If I ever go back I'll definitely let you know first. My goal is to not really tread over someone's home turf like that. I actually avoid a bunch of streams that I know other guys on this board frequent a lot for multiple reasons. Or at least give heads up. If I go back we'll hook up. That place is a rugged fish though. The walk out was over 2 hours long. I fished up past that old Kayak you photo'd last year (which is still amazing) and up beyond the branches a little ways but not too far as I got a little bored of catching 5" brookies with no larger fish around and things were getting thicker fast. But the was FAR and difficult. I'm not sure I'll do that again solo any time in the near future. It was easier then I was 25 and hiking up the mainstem.
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