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Quite The Streak!

Iíve had a really good start to my fishing season, in factitís been the best start that Iíve ever had breaking the 200 mark on both of myprior fishing trips. Of course younever expect that kind of action to persist so when my alarm went off Fridaymorning following the prior days rain event I was hoping for good action but myexpectations were squarely in check.
I wasnít very thrilled with the amount of moisture that fellThursday and the rain they called for Thursday night didnít materialize. I trashed my best laid plans as usual forthis year, and quickly reviewed my charts for the next best option and off Iwent.
I arrived streamside to a steady, albeit light, rain whichceased as I opened the truck door. Iquickly tossed on my wading pants, snapped my pack around my waste, and off Iwent down the short trail to the rather large creek. 10 minutes in and 1 trout later I wasstarting to sweat it. I was fishingall kinds of excellent habitat with not a trout to be seen. Bugs were coming off heavy and it was my fearthat the wild browns were being extremely selective and keying on only theflies. After grinding out an hour and aquarter with only 8 fish to show for it I looked up to the sky, scratched myhead, and started the walk back to the truck. Knowing that this could have been a possibility Iíd already given somethought to a backup location that was a completely different type of stream.
I was surprised when I pulled up to my next location andfound it a little higher than I would have liked. No matter, it was my last option so I wasgoing to grind it out if need be. Parking locations are extremely limited at this stream so I ditched mybike way upstream and hiked quite a ways downstream before hopping in. Thankfully it was much brighter out nowbecause had I started here I wouldnít have been able to fish with how thick thecanopy was. As it was, conditionswere excellent and within a couple of casts I was pulling in what I hoped wouldbe one of many wild fish.

I suppose since it was a little later in the morning Ididnít have to wait for the fishing to warm up at all. The fishing really was very good from thestart and remained that way.

Some pools were coughing up as many as 7 trout and my handwas shrivel up from being wet so much

I couldnít help but notice and admire all of the thrivingHemlocks along this stream. I try totake notice to them as well as Ash tree as often as possible as Iím well awarethat the day is coming very soon when Iíll never be able to see one again. Unlike what I saw last week in central PA,this is what a healthy happy Hemlock looks like this time of year. You could almost hear it saying Ďlike isgood!í unaware of its imminent demise.

But for the time being they provide excellent shade andhabitat that the trout of this stream call home.

I crested 100 in no time at all and figured my 3rdstraight 200+ day was a real probability. I really got lost in the fishing and over the next several hours thingsreally piled up. Several hours later the stream finally become chokedto death with Mountain Laurel that it was impossible to fish even with a well-constructedcast so I started my walk back to the truck. I hadnít looked at my clicker in ages. I knew Iíd caught a lot of fish but I was surprised when I saw230+. It was still pretty early and Iwasnít really ready to wrap it up so I moved downstream to another section thatI hadnít fished in several years. Thefishing was good there but not great as I pried a trout from here and there.

I came to some posted signed with 297 trout on the clickerhaha. I debated stopping and calling ita day but I couldnít with the opportunity to hit the 300 mark for only thesecond time in my grasp. The only issuewas that I had fished the entire stream with the exception of a stretch thatwas spin fished only last Saturday. Normally I would never even consider such a move but with only 3 fishneeded I threw caution to the wind and went to the ABF stretch. Yesthe fishing was tough but it was good enough and I added another 14 trout thetab before calling it a day. The 311trout caught is my 2nd best date ever.
On the way home Friday I stopped to scout another stream forSaturday and found it a little high which was great. I knew it would be perfect Saturday. I pulled my truck into the very Ďshadyíparking spot right on time Saturday AM and hopped in. As expected the fishing was less thanthrilling for long periods followed by smash-fests when I hit sections thatwerenít fished yet. Thatís fishingpopular stocked trout streams in May. Iíve learned a lot from this board over the years from readying other peopleísposts and the one thing Iíve really started to practice is showing morepatience for poor fishing. I used toleave a stream at the first sign of slowing but read over and over from Frankabout really slow starts turning to fire after time so lately Iíve been fishingthrough the slow spells and have been rewarded for that. Today was a perfect example. Iíd have an hour of trout after trout

Followed by 35 minutes of 1 trout action and tons of vacant habitats.

It was all day long like that but the total kept climbinganyhow. Past 100 I went with a long wayto go get my bike ride back. Sometimelater I looked at my clicker and saw 177 with probably 2 hours of fishingremaining. Well the action died andthe fishing was brutal. As Iapproached my truck I took a peak and saw 199. I was exhausted and was not going to fishpast the bridge. I sent a cast to thefar abutment and BAM! Number 200! Thenext cast gave me 201 and that was a wrap! I was totally beat at that pointand before climbing up to the road I took a second to sit down on a log andsoak it all in.

And with that I took the very long bike ride back to mytruck to rest up before my next outing.
Itís been a phenomenal start to 2017. Hopefully the rains keep falling and thetrout keep hittiní

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You are really tearing it up this month! Congrats!

Beautiful brown with the vivid red spots.
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300 trout in a day?? Those are Wilt Chamberlain type numbers. Incredible.
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I wish I was counting what wilt Chamberlain counted lol.
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That's some amazing spinner fishing right there. I haven't found any trout populations capable of producing those kinds of numbers yet this year.

I don't foresee breaking the 300-trout mark this year. Heck I think it's going to be tough to break 200 -- but you never know. I feel very fortunate this year just to hit 100. Very fortunate.

Not that it matters, but I'm not sure I would consider this a "streak" of four straight 200-trout-plus outings. Did you not have a slow day in Huntingdon County between the first two big days and these two big days?

I can be contacted at [email protected].
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Keep burning them up buddy, Ill live through your txts while your fishing and im at work!
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Ya you're correct Frank. I guided 3 other new anglers on a stream last weekend. We all fished together and they were 'green' so I didn't get to fish to much which was the plan anyhow. A trip is a trip though. The word 'streak' was used more for the story line rather then to signify that I'm on a '200+ streak' lol. 'Tear' might have been a better term if we're being literal.
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That's a really impressive outing right there! I really enjoyed the photos as well.
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