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First Wild Outing This Year

It is rare that I go on solo outings any more, I much more appreciate sharing my fishing with friends or family but this seasonís lack of rain had me wondering if I would ever get out for my first wild outing.

Another rare thing for me is to fish a local stream that is just minutes away. Itís a great stream when conditions are right but when they are I always run into other anglers. I am partly to blame, I have shared this precious gem over the years with many others, including people on this board. I wonít say lesson learned, this beautiful and productive stream is worth sharing, I just know that my windows of opportunity have to be well planned and with recent rains, the moment was seized today and I would go at it alone.

Here are a few pics of the stream. I cannot tell you how therapeutic this was for me. With everything that goes on in life, work, family and everything that comes with it, I think I almost forgot how enjoyable being placed in a scene like this is.

Nice Log Jam


Billy Goat Territory

I already miss it!

Just a random pic of a deer I seen. Not the best pic, itís with a phone so it looks further away than it really is. Maybe 40 yards but it always impresses me how they stand out like a sore thumb at this time of year. I always enjoy seeing wildlife when fishing.

The fishing was nothing short of spectacular, exactly as hoped I started around 7:20am and caught 53 wild browns by 9:20am. That is some good fishing! I canít tell you how many little trout I missed, they always get the best of me. Had this been Frank or Zak on this stretch, they would have surely caught 80, possibly more.

Unfortunately, the reason 9:20am was of significance was because at that time was when I noticed another angler ahead. No big deal, I would walk back to my truck and drive upstream to another section. When I landed at the new section, I caught 11 more pretty quickly including this nice 14Ēer.

For the next few hundred yards, nothing! Until of course ďthat oneĒ who would get away, right? I threw my spinner to a shallow run, expecting nothing other than a small trout and bang the fight was on from a 20Ē brute. And that lasted 3 secondsÖ.Wah! He broke my spinner clear off. I was once again reminded of the importance of checking my line above the spinner for chaffing, which I had failed to do before that stretch. I cannot say lesson learned, I know this lesson, epic fail! LOL

There forward the fishing turned almost amusing. Nearly every cast yielded some type of reaction and the next 1 1/2 hours was probably the best fishing I have ever experienced, bringing to hand an additional 57 wild browns. At times it almost felt like I was willing the fish onto my spinner and the smaller trout I was missing earlier were now being taught a proper lesson.

All in all, roughly 5 hours of fishing and 121 caught and released. That is a new personal best for me. I really did not want to leave but the stream was heading away from an exit point and if I continued I would be committed for at least another hour. Not a bad thing at all but I have to admit, I was beat! I am not in fishing shape yet LOL. Usually running around with Zak during the summer turns me into a billy goat of sorts and 8 hour fishing sessions become the norm. I look forward to this summer for sure, especially now that I have been bitten by the wild.

Below in no order are a few of the fish caught today. Just some of the ones I was able to catch and catch on camera. They are iPhone pics and I learned something about iPhones today. Finger print unlocking is such a nice security feature right up until you have wet swollen hands and the phone will not unlock! I canít tell you how many pics I did not get because of this. While I know you can just type in your pass code, I use a strong password with letters and numbers that is not easy to unlock while handling a fish!

Nonetheless, the photos;

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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

Nice pics
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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

Nice narration of your outing and pics of those wild brown.

Thanks for sharing

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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

Very nice on the personal best mark! That was one of the first wild trout streams that I fished thanks to you. I guess you're partly to blame with this addiction of mine haha!

Everytime that I have fished it, I have run into another angler (on the stream; heading to the stream when I'm walking out of the stream; etc.) and the action never disappoints. One of these days I hope to hit it in the right conditions.
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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

Glad I could be of assistance bjb. This stream, like many others really comes to life with good flows and being the first to pressure. For me and a couple others I know, it has brought many 100+ catch days, whether alone or paired.

I just noticed in the 3rd trout pic the barrel swivel some of us talked about in another thread. I did not realize I caught that on camera. In that thread I mentioned that I did not like the overall performance of it but would keep a few on hand to see if it could cure line twist if needed.

At one point my line was getting a little too twisted yesterday, wrapping around my tip at times, frustrating! so I decided to try a spinner with a barrel swivel for a while to see if it would "cure" the issue and it did. After roughly 200 casts I went back to a regular spinner and the twist was dramatically decreased. It definitely helped my outing although that line will be replaced before my next trip. Maybe the reel as well, my Ci4 is showing it's age and getting rough. I already had to repair it once so it's time to give it a backup role.

So FWIW, to you guys who like to go on long outings, having a spinner with a barrel swivel on hand to use for a half hour or so will help correct twist enough so that the rest of your day stays enjoyable.
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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

<span style="font-weight: bold">Those are incredible numbers . Good for you !</span>

Enjoy each day afield as if it were your last.....take the time to take it all in !
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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

There is a very big fish that lives under that log jam, I've had numerous follows from him but no hookups!

Water is flowing great there you hit it perfect
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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

Nice stream, pretty fish!

Just curious on the line twist. Did you ever close the bail by hand instead of with the reel handle. I was told this was supposed to help. I do it and it seems to make a difference.
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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

I caught a 13"we from there but I did not see him. The big ones were probably hiding with their full bellies yesterday. . Other than the one that broke me off, I had one follower that was about 18" but had no interest in biting.
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Re: First Wild Outing This Year

I'm glad I clicked on this thread. Awesome looking place there. Very good read and spectacular photos. Thank You!
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