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Re: Youth and Mentored Youth Hunters Success Thread

Here is the start of a simple email adress/screen name I created 10 years ago.

First morning of gun season at camp.

First day.
Parker in stand with me after cutting the hair on a spike that came right in, perfect. Buck fever got to him.
10 years old.

Jake on the second day, after a long diminishing blood trail. A doe being chased by two bucks came in at first light came in on my side of the stand, stopped slightly behind us. He was ready with the gun and took the shot, hit him too far front in the muscle of the shoulder. He ran off way up hill and we followed untill the blood ran out and his tracks met other deer. It was a nice wide 8, I hope he made his way to someone else. It was a " no need to count" buck for sure.
First Saturday at home, Jake got the go ahead from his brother. Stumbled into this buck bedded, he hit it on the run at 50 yards.
Now boys do hunt.

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