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Re: Mentored Youth Hunter Picture Thread

Here is a pic of the buck my Granddaughter Brianna got at about 11 A.M today (kids here have both 1st and 2nd day off school). She is the one who spotted the buck, we didn't have a good rest, my fault, so I had her lay down and shoot prone over a rise in the field. I had to put my fist under the forearm to give her a steady rest. Note to mentors don't do like I did, be prepared. It would have made a great u tube of a big old gray beard scrambling around in a hay field on all fours trying to get his little Granddaughter a good shooting position.
It is a 5 point, one side has a big Y and the other side is a crab claw with no brow tine.
The Red Gods blessed us again today, and yes I did thank them after I was sure he was down.

For those who fought for it, Life has a flavor the protected will never know.
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