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Re: Mentored Youth Hunter Picture Thread

Took my son Matt out for his second time for deer. 1st time was in archery with our crossbow. Saw a bunch of squirrels no deer. Poor guy came down with H1N1 the next day . Bunch of kids in his class had it to, guess it was just a matter of time.

Took him out for squirrels and chucks a few times, and he's a great shot!

Fast forward to today, the cold rainy crappy 1st day of rifle.... I was a little worried he was gonna give up.. Stuck in there even though we didn't see anything..... Then at about 9:30 I said to him as he was wanting to go" Let's just give it a few more minutes, only takes a minute for things to happen". Then bam! Just after I said it, 2 does came in to ten yards.. He was happy as could be! They walk off and we're whispering... I hear something. Oh no a nice BIG 4 point with a 14"-15" spread and at least 6" tines is right behind us 10' from the stand.. Couldn't hear him coming with the wet leaves. Matt turns his head see's the big guy- We get busted- and he takes off before he can even react. He said" That was the coolest thing EVER!". Ended up having 4 more doe's come in at 15-20 yards. Total of 7 deer.

He was cold, Wet(we had a porta roof over us, but still got soaked) But I have never seen him happier, not even with his video games....

P.S. The buck came in right behind his right shoulder from behind a real thick patch of hemlocks....

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