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Re: Amateur Skull Cleaner

You might want to read Dr. Kneppley's response again there Chasin Tail. If you are cleaning skulls for others with the "intent of displaying them" you need a license. Reading your posts and the posts of other skull cleaners on this Board I find it very hard to believe that you are cleaning them simply for the joy of doing so. You are cleaning them so that they may be displayed and for that you need a Taxidermy License and need to be charging and paying Sales Tax. To my knowledge, only museum technicians using dermestids to clean bones for study are exempt.
I was on the Committee that worked out the rules for Taxidermy with the PA Dept. of Agriculture and that was one of the issues that we worked very hard on. With CWD becoming a reality in many parts of the country the PDA and the PGC are very concerned about it coming into PA. Since, as a skull cleaner, you are dealing directly with the chief vector for the disease (brain, spine and eye tissue) it is critical for the PDA to be able to track any possible sources of CWD coming into the Commonwealth. Licensing is how this is done.
If you have already contacted the PDA directly and been told that you can provide a skull cleaning service and not have a license or have to charge Sales Tax then so be it. But, if you are cleaning skulls for others and charging for that service you are doing it so that they may display them and that, according to the Rules, requires you to have a Taxidermy License and a Sales Tax license.
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