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Baker Tree Stands

I wonder how many young archery hunters we'd have if the only tree stand available was the old plywood Baker climber stand. Back in the day those were the cat's meow! I can remember some of my friends and how excited they were to have a climber stand. I know that there are plenty of people on this forum that remember those. Good heavens, I hope nobody is still using them!

And, I might add, that these stands were being used before safety harnesses entered the scene.

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Re: Baker Tree Stands

Yep I remember them. Then I switched to Amacker treestands difference of day an night for sure.

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Re: Baker Tree Stands

I never owned a baker but did have a TSS which wasn't much better.I also had an amacker.The thing weighed like 35lbs lol.Yep,and never even considered a safety harness although I did use a strap around my waste,which was probably just as dangeous as hitting the ground.

The amacker was quiet and climbed nice.It just weighed a ton and the metal seat left a little to be desired.
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Re: Baker Tree Stands

I rode a Baker once or twice, got it from a friend(?). Needless to say I stayed on the ground alot.

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Re: Baker Tree Stands

I hunted out of a Baker Mighty-Mite for a number of years. Man, that hand climber would sure chew the bark off a tree! I made a slight mod to it after awhile...I replaced the 1/2" plywood with 5/8" plywood and extended it by 5". There are a number of deer in the "happy bedding ground" due to it's use. It's certainly a far cry from my current LW stand.
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Re: Baker Tree Stands

I'm JUST old enough to remember them. I learned to use them, but thank God TSS stands came out before my first year bow hunting, and I bought the "kit" where they gave you the parts and you cut your own plywood sheet for the platform. Dear Lord were they unmercifully heavy, but I never felt unsafe in it. The Baker left me up my "practice tree" more than once!

Then I moved from the TSS to the Loggy Bayou, which was the stand to have there for a long while. I just always got real nervous putting that 2nd foot into those bungee cord foot straps. There wasn't any weight out on the end of the stand at that point, and I was always afraid that pulling up on that stretchy cord would let the stand drop, but it never did.

Now I have a Summit Viper, which is a huge improvement over all of that older stuff, and I have always felt solid, safe, and secure at all times in my Summit.
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Re: Baker Tree Stands

I didn't have a Baker but did have the original TSS. Before I could "afford" the TSS I used to use the old "V" boards that you would put up in the fork of a about comforatable yeah right!

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Re: Baker Tree Stands

was a baker man myself for 5yrs no safety stap took a few rides...
till loggy came out
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Re: Baker Tree Stands

Man, the stuff we did and used just to get a little elevation out in the field. Scares me to death to still remember some of the situations we'd get in. I've been rescued and have rescued buddies from some pretty precarious situations.

Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible!
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Re: Baker Tree Stands

I climbed trees and sat on bare limbs for a few years before I heard of Baker Tree Stands. Anxious to own one of these new devices one Summer I rushed to the local sporting goods store desiring to be the proud owner of this great invention that would totally improve my deer hunting. I had to have one now!!!!

The climber and the platform were sold separate in those days. On the shelf I found 2 platforms and one climber in stock. So I grabbed one of each and started to the checkout counter when a guy approached me and said "Hey I wouldn't waste my $$ on that don't need it." Well I had been climbing trees to hunt without either so I made a command decision based on this new found friend's recommendation to save a whopping total of $19.95 for the climber.

I rushed home and directly to the first tree in my yard with the platform in my hand excited to try out this magic tree stand that is going to put me in position to take more deer easily with less effort and I had saved $19.95 while doing so thanks to the helpful customer in the store.

I attached the platform to the tree and the foot straps to my snickers and jumped on the plywood base for the easy safe climb. It was hot so I removed my shirt and begin to hug the tree with both arms as the neighbors and family watched. I ascend a foot or so at a time . It was very easy....not having to stretch for 2" or 3" limb. This is great....

However, at about 10' my arms started to get a little tired and my monkey double arm grip around the tree slipped as I tried to pull my feet and platform up. Hence, I slid down the tree trunk with my arms gripped around the tree hanging on for dear life.

Well, are you familiar with the bark on a cheery tree? It quickly remove most of the hair from my chest and replaced it with a brilliant reddish rash which lasted for weeks. I got a lot of attention on my water skiing week ends for the entire Summer. One strange color for a tan. Oh, and the scabs did not looks much better.

After I gained my composure I put on a shirt and rushed back to the sporting goods store to hopefully purchase the last climber and I sincerely hoped the gentlemen who gave me the free advise regarding the necessity of a Baker Tree Stand climber would still be there so I could discuss the topic thoroughly with him.

Then it occurred to me as I could visualize him setting in some bar laughing while telling his buddies how he was able to con the purchase of the last climber from this nitwit.

The last climber was there but they had sold the last platform. I can only wish my expert tree stand buddy purchased the last platform without a climber would pick an exceedingly rough bark tree to test it.

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