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Best treestand, not summit

I know this topic has been beaten to death here, but i had my first encounters with summit stands this fall while hunting with friends and i wanted to share my thoughts on them.

I just want to say that when i was in the market for a new climbing treestand last fall i was looking for something with bow hunting in mind. I had my choices narrowed down to the summit openshot hand climber, or the lonewolf alpha hand climber combo two. Being a stockier guy, I was a little nervous spending the cash on a lonewolf not knowing if i was going to like a hand climber, so at the time i was leaning more towards the less expensive summit but was majorly turned off with the overall bulkiness of it. After careful consideration, watching countless videos, and reading reviews and testimonials online from users of each, i went with the lonewolf and so far i have loved the darn thing. I actually rank it up there with one of my best, if not the best, investments ive ever made for hunting. Super light, effortless to set up or take down even in the dark, quiet, super stealthy, doesnt slip on tree's, made of quality materials, everything ive ever dreamed of in a climbing treestand. The only down side that i can find is that the seat doesnt fold up, but ive learned to live with that.

Two of my buddies were using summits this year. One was using a summit titan sd and the other a summit specialist mlb edition sd. The specialist would have been comparable to the openshot i was thinking about purchasing. While the two stands were different in appearance and the way you use them, i came to the same general conclusion about each of them. Way too noisy, extremely bulky, and not made of quality materials nor the same craftsmanship as the lonewolf. Now i must admit, i did nothing more with these stands than assemble and climb with either of them, so i cannot attest to their comfort. Ive heard summit may be the more comfortable sit, but from just an assembly, climbing, and craftsmanship stand point, i am so glad i bought the lonewolf. First of all, the sd, "sound deadening metal", is a load of bologna. These stands make all kinds of noise not only getting them apart and setting them up, but climbing with them as well. I was shocked to find that out. The cables are also a pain in the rear end to feed in and out of the tubes and the rubber coating on them scrape right off. I can make mid air adjustments with my lonewolf rather easily, which is never a good idea, but i dont know how on earth that would be possible with the summits. I was not impressed with these stands at all, especially after all the praise i hear from guys that own them. I was at least two hundred yards away from the guys i was hunting with, and i could still hear both of them bang and clang around. With the lonewolf, all you hear is the occasional bark rub, thats it!

The purpose of this thread isnt so much to beat up on summit. I have no doubt that many guys like theirs, and for some guys they work. They also may well be the most comfortable to sit in all day, but for me, that comfort just wouldnt override everything else that ive gotten with my lonewolf.
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Re: Best treestand, not summit

I have lonewolf and summit and both have their place. summit is 100x more comfortable but lonewolf allows for a few more angles.

I will gladly make a bet that I can climb a tree 25 yards away from you in the dark and you wouldn't know what stand I was climbing with.

it is very important to get very well acquainted with your equipment and be able to use it to the best of both it's and your own abilities.

You want me to put my ear to the ground? Listen for hoof beats? Look for broken twigs?
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Re: Best treestand, not summit

Wait till you have 3 back surgeries before knocking comfort. Sold a buddies cousin my summit viper when I best him out on a l one wolf climber in the classifieds. Now I am trying to get him to swap me again. Yes the lighter weight and compact size is nice, but even a half day in the lone wolf will lay me up for the next day or two. That and the summit was much easier to climb once attached to the tree

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Re: Best treestand, not summit

I have heard summits are much more comfortable in the air than lonewolf. I will concede that my handclimber seat isnt the most comfortable. Ive learned that its a little more comfortable if the seat is tilted slightly upward. I stand most of the time while hunting anyway. Typical day for me is i get set up around 530-545am after daylight savings time. Im usually seated and saying morning prayers till you start to get grey light. Once grey light starts im usually standing till about 10am before i sit back down. Ive been thinking about getting the sit and climb top portion for gun hunting. Ive been told that summit seats work very nice with the sit and climb top. I totally understand someone choosing one stand over another for comfort reasons, especially someone with back or health problems. I guess when i was looking for a stand, comfort wasnt even something i was concerned with. Stealth/quiet, rock steadiness in the tree, light weight, and portability were my main concerns. Im used to cheap hang ons with rock hard seats and nothing is more uncomfortable than those things. I did however buy two higher end strap on stands at dicks that went on sale last year after x-mas. They had big platforms and big cushiony seats. After sitting in them this year i will admit they were much easier to sit in than my other strap ons and comfort may be more of a factor in future stand decisions. Im not really knocking summit. Theyre definately better climbers than the ones ive had in the past and others out there now. I hear they have excellent customer service to. Theyre just not what i was looking for in a climbing stand at the time and im just delighted i made the right choice. Im sure as i age, comfort will be more of a factor than it is now. Maybe i should have said not summit for me in the thread title.
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Re: Best treestand, not summit

I use the summit seat on my sit and climb and is better to sit in now .
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Re: Best treestand, not summit

i agree...learning to use your stand is critical...

ive hunted out of a Viper since 2006...your not gunna hear me setting can even have my light...

i'd have to look but im pretty sure i dont carry or pack it as recommended...part of that is i have the front gear bag..

the comfort would be tough to beat IMO...

lone wolf has a heck of a reputation..and i plan to add a lone wolf lock on to my bag of tricks...i just REALLY fear i will miss my comfy seat and possibly my wrap around bar...i can tell you i wont be napping in it lol..the seats just dont look like they will be super comfortable..

the lone wolfs are supposed to be REALLY quiet and super well made though...

reading some reports as of late it seems like summit may have on quality control issues..ive used mine WAY more than average since 2006 though and havent replaced or repainted or bent anything..its about time to overhaul it..the cable coating is finally worn through in a few areas...the foot strap is starting to loose its elasticity...the seat is getting pretty well worn...but my butt has been in it for countless hours...i did a heavy camo paint job...but i promise when i get a lone wolf its getting the same treatment...i cant stand tree stand colors or solid colors...and ive found the heavy camo job holds up well...talking a whole nother base shot with 2 coats and then a camo job with 2 other colors to break up the verical and horizontal lines..
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Re: Best treestand, not summit

I've owned and extensively used both, I'll take my Lone Wolf every time!

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Re: Best treestand, not summit

I've owned both and won't hunt out of anything but a lonewolf.Mt biggest complaint about any hollow tube aluminum stand is that they squeak when they're wet.I have every combination of LW made.For quick hunts before work,I always take the handlimber because it's so fast and quiet to set up.I'm good for a few hours in in and I have no restrictions shooting from it.A hunt comfort seat makes a huge difference.I also have a handcimber top that I put a hazmore net seat on.It's kind of the best of both worlds and I use that a lot.If I plan on sitting all day,I use the wide sit and climb top with a summit seat on it.The best of both worlds is easy to obtain but you have to spend some money.

Summit makes a good stand but I'll take a LW any day.I bought a Millenium hang-on this year.It's comfortable as heck but my boots squeak like crazy when it's wet.I hunted out of it the morning after we got some snow and there's no way I would have been able to stand and get into postion to shoot without a deer hearing me.
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Re: Best treestand, not summit

I've owned three different tree stands over the years and currently have a LW Alpha hand climber. I wouldn't trade it for the reasons you state: "Stealth/quiet, rock steadiness in the tree, light weight, and portability were my main concerns." Now...I'll admit that certain other stands are more comfortable to sit on with their thick padding or hammock seats but I don't have a problem with the LW. If my butt feels any discomfort I just stand for awhile.

I've had my alpha for about ten years, prior to them having the strap tethering the hand climber to the stand. That's certainly an excellent idea so I installed that. The other thing I did was install a "stop" to the cog belt such that it can't come out when I do an "aerial adjustment". Due to the heights I like to hunt, aerial adjustments are pretty much a necessity.
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Re: Best treestand, not summit

I have never climbed in a lone wolf but love my summit. It grabs the tree well, and is just as comfy as sitting in a recliner. I find myself getting figity if I am not comfortable, like when I used to hunt from a ladder stand. Now I an anchor in and just relax. I like having the padded arm rests.

I do agree that if you are not careful it is easy to make a bit of noise when taking the cables out and attaching to the tree. I want to try a lone wolf climber and see how I like it but it is hard to beat the comfort of my summit.

I would say the two biggest downfalls to a summit would be paint chipping off and they can be a bit noisy at times during set up. I can live with those two and happy with it.

I do know that I would only buy a summit or Lone wolf for treestand hunting. I doubt I will ever use a lock on/hang on stand, but would give it a try sometime if it is already set up. Just don't think anything can compare to the comfort of a summit.

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