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Scent Elimination Preference

Just putting this out there to see what everyone's using for scent elimination. Im looking for what people are using to wash their clothes and what people are using in the field. With our local gander mountain shutting down, I will be ordering my products online so I figured before I do any ordering I would see what other people are using.

The past couple years I've used a mix of baking soda and DDW to wash my clothes in. I feel like I have had good success using this, never really had any problems to note.

In the field I've always sprayed down with Stonycreek Whitetails Odor Nuker. I don't believe I will be switching away from this stuff, its a local company and I have had great results with it.

That being said, I am open to any and all suggestions. I've just kind of stuck to the same routine over the past couple years and haven't really paid much attention to anything else.

Thanks in advance for the info.
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Dead Down Wind and baking soda for me, too!
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yeah I wash my clothes in baking soda and then I put some sent sticks in with the clothes in a bin, no troubles yet....pull the clothes out and they smell like the woods....
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Pretty much the same here as well. Mid September I'll wash all my clothing for archery season, warm to cold gear. Hang it out to dry for a day and it goes into a bin with a scent wafer. Been using the HS products for years. The "Fresh Earth" wafer is what I use. Generally get like 3 years out of a wafer. I don't keep the wafer in the bin all year long. Maybe a few days here and a few days there. I typically spray my boots when I am ready to head into the woods, but that's about it. Simple works for me. Everyone has their own thing they like to do and that's what makes the scent elimination business a booming one.

Good thread thought because I am interested to read what others do.
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Careful when using your washing machine. If you are using the same washing machine that is used to wash your 'everyday' clothes, there is still traces are laundry detergent that could get on your hunting clothes. This year I plan on washing my hunting clothes by hand using a plastic tote with scent killer detergent in it. When I'm not hunting though, my clothes are hanging on the clothes line or sealed in a scent eliminator bag.
I've always wanted to try the "Smoking" method for my hunting clothes but I havent had the time to. I will say though, the best method for scent elimination that I have found is knowing which way the wind is blowing.
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I have never washed an outer hunting garment, and as a matter of fact I don't remember the last time I washed my mid layers either. Even blood soaked pant legs will dry up, flake off, and be odorless with time.
Since switching to 100% merino base layers, I can hunt the entire season in the same base layers without washing them if I want to. They just do not hold odor like synthetics and cotton do. If I sweat heavily in my base layers I will wash them by hand in cold water with baking soda.

I'll hang my clothes to air dry and add fresh hemlock boughs to the container a few times through the season. The last couple of years I've been leaving the cap of my Evercalm stick when inside my clothing container. My clothes smell like a deer bedding in the hemlocks. I'll take that.

I've just never had much of an issue with getting winded. It happens, but not often.
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Each September I take my archery clothes out of my storage cabinet, wash them in Dead Down Wind or Baking Soda, hang them on the line to air dry for a few sunny days and place them in bags with leaves that are turning to fall colors. I like leaves with strong odor like maple. I rotate my hunting clothes after each hunt and hang them back out on the line after they are worn. I only wash them again, if they are worn on hot sweaty days. Then from the line back to leave bags if leaves are still available, if not I put them in air tight bags with an Earth Scent Wafers.

I have used Earth scent wafers hung on my hat while hunting since they first come out. I have about 2 dozen containers of 3 ea. I rotate them over the years. I still have some from the 80's which are strong. I find when they are stored in the air tight containers they came in they build back up in strength over time and can be reused for many years.

I do use Dead Down Wind spray, but mostly on my tree stand material, safety belts/vest and etc. that I can't store on the line because I am hunting with them each day. I do not like to use these sprays on my clothes because I believe in the essence of the leaves and wish to keep that scent on my clothes as long and strong as possible. I have accumulated a lot of archery hunting clothes over the years so I can hunt a lot of days with the benefit of having leaf scent clothing well into to the season but when this runs out and I am still hunting I tend to use the Dead Down Wind on my outer clothing especially if I am spending traveling time in my vehicle.

I do have some Scent Loc clothing which I have been wearing when I have taken most of my archery deer; however they are very old and I doubt they are currently any better scent killing quality then the cheap camo I have purchased over the years on sale or at discount stores. I just seem to be lucky when wearing them and they are quality garments and after numerous hunts they are in tip top shape. I believe the airing and natural leave scent is what works best for me and it is cheap.

Over the years I have purchased several sets of camo and a lot of under shirts, socks and warm underwear which I change every day or for the evening hunt in warm weather.

I shower down with scent elimination soap and use scent free deodorant each and every trip into the woods unless at a camp where facilities are not available in which case I wash with elimination soap and spray my body with Dead Down Wind then put on my air dried leaf odor hunting clothes. At home I have hunting towels which are also washed with scent elimination laundry soap.

Some may think this is too much for them; however, I am the type of guy who would rather be an hour early in a tree stand than one minute late. I have been doing this for a few decades, so it is second nature to me.

Last year I had 29 different bucks walk under or near my tree stand locations before I shot a 10 point on Halloween.

My way is not the only way and I am interested in what others have to reply. Good post to share valued information.
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I have always washed my clothes with scent killer detergent and then kept in a scent free bag with the autumn scent wafer inside. Well, these days it's actually wash, permethrin treatment, hang dry, bag with wafer.

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"Careful when using your washing machine. If you are using the same washing machine that is used to wash your 'everyday' clothes, there is still traces are laundry detergent that could get on your hunting clothes."

One way to avoid this from happening is to use scent free detergent for regular washing. I can't stand any of the scented stuff many seem to use to wash their clothes in.
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i have found out that washing your clothes in any unscented laundry detergent and placing them in a big contractors garbage bag with baking soda works great.

when i place them in the bag i put in two or three articles then sprinkle with baking soda and repeat until i have all the bowhunting clothes in there, then i grab the top of the bag real tight leaving air in the bag and shake it up real well. then i get as much air out of the bag as possible twist the top closed and store my clothes that way.

works great and a lot cheaper than all that "have to have" commercialized stuff the big wigs on tv tell you, you must have or you wont kill deer.
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