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Best Hunting bow on the market

I am planning on purchasing a new bow soon and have been looking at and shooting several different models from different companies. I also plan on going out and selecting the bow that in the end feels best to me. In your opinions, what do you believe the best hunting bow on the market right now is? I want to make sure I consider all options and shoot as many as I can before buying one.
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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

I have a Bowtech Admiral. It has a short axle to axle (31"), its forgiving with a 7.5" brace height, and it is extremely quiet. Those three factors to me make it a good hunting bow. The only complaints I have about it is, it could be a tad faster, and it seems a little top heavy sometimes at full draw.

Like you said, shoot as many models as possible. The best hunting bow will be the one that fits YOU best.
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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

In my opinion, one doesn't exist. There are too many bow companies, making bows, making good bows, making improvements, existing for more than 10 years, to make a judgment on one bow.

And then one can ask, how much is spent on the bow. Would one judge the best bows from a group of the five or ten most expensive bows. Or The best five companies that give the best value for a bow and produce a good hunting bow.

And what of the shooter. Is the shooter required to hit a quarter size object, at twenty yards, five straight times, before any judgment is made on the BEST bow?
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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

If you need to ask the question then buy used
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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

so many great bows now a days and many news one's on the way. i've shoot just about all of them and my first love is the bowtech guardian then my hoyt ultratec. to buy a new bow you must decide,speed,accuracy and other features. shoot as many as you can before you decide. the only person that knows is you. but try and stay with companies that have beed around for awhile and that you can depend on
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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

I am definitely considering buying used, it just seems like the way to go with the price of new bows over the past few years.
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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

i am and have always been a hoyt fan... i also like the mathews.... just never had many problems and when i did i got great service from hoyt... so i stick with them... I have been thinking about buying a new bow for a couple years but i have a razortech that I love and it almost wouldnt seem like bow hunting without it...

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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

The best bow on the market is the one that fits you the best. Does not matter what brand it is. If you are comfortable with it then it is the best bow for you.

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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

I was in the market for a new bow this past summer and it is a very daunting task trying to pick just one out, especially when you are going to be investing hundreds of dollars in it. I ended up going to as many bow shops and shooting as many bows as possible before deciding. One of the keys for helping me to decide was shooting each bow more than once and over a period of time. There are so many good bows out there that if you just shoot one it will likely feel comfortable, but with shooting multiple bows I was better able to compare them with each other and over the course of about two months and having shot 15-20 bows I was pretty set on the one I wanted.

I settled with the Bowtech Admiral and have been quite happy with it. It isn't the fastest bow on the market, but so far I have shot 2 deer with it and both have been pass throughs so that is all I can really ask for, and like said before I doubt if there is a quieter bow out there. Only complaint is that it took me some time to get used to the shorter axle to axle, but that is likely because my previous bow was +40".
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Re: Best Hunting bow on the market

As mentioned used is a great way to go. There are many things to consider when buying a hunting bow, and I look for a good combination of all of them. Draw cycle is extremely important to me, whether it is a dual cam or single cam bow, I want something smooth, with a good back wall. Shootability is also extremely important, and I prefer bows over 32" axle to axle, with at least a 7" brace height for that reason. Unfortunately, the more forgiving a bow is, typically the slower it is, so you need to find the combination that works best for you. Some manufacturers are able to create more speed with larger brace heights. Of course everyone wants a bow that is super quiet as well. I do most of my hunting from treestands on private ground, and it doesn't much matter how much my bow weighs, so I prefer something a bit heavier. It tends to be more stable. Here are some manufacturers and models you should consider, that are models that fit the description of having a good combination of these qualities, that you should be able to find at a very good price used, probably pretty close to the $400 mark.

PSE Bowmadness Series-Best bang for your buck. Awesome single cam smooth draw cycle, great speed as compared to brace height, one of the quietest bows I have ever heard.

Bowtech Allegiance- One of my all time favorites. Incredible speed and shootability, with a more customizable draw cycle. One of the best hunting bows ever made bar none.

Mathews DXT- A shorter ATA hunting bow, with good speed, a good draw cycle, and a pleasure to shoot.

Hoyt Alpha Max- Just an incredible shooting bow, one of the best new hunting bows on the market. You should be able to find a 2009 model on blowout at about $600.

Diamond Iceman- My personal favorite for 2009. No hand shock, no vibration, no noise. Perfectly balanced, and perfectly suited for hunting.

Elite GT500 (346 fps IBO) or Z28 (328 fps IBP)- If you want more speed, coupled with a big brace height, and a smooth draw cycle, this is it. Nobody makes speed with big brace heights like Elite does. And Barnsdale limbs to boot. The Z28 is a bit shorter, and a bit slower, but has a huge 8" brace height. Both are super quiet as well.

2008 Ross 31 or 34- Another great line of single cam bows. Extremely smooth drawing, and extremely quiet.

These are just some of the many great hunting bows out there, but you should definitely give these a look. I would start with the Bowmadness, Allegiance, and Elites. Archerytalk is a great place to find awesome deals on used bows. I just recently bought 3 new ones there. I now have a 2009 PSE Xforce GX 7 that I am hunting with, a 2009 Elite XLR that I am shooting indoor and some 3D with, and a PSE Bowmadness XL, that I will be using primarily for 3D next year. Most importantly when you choose a bow, pick the one that you feel the most comfortable shooting. Don't get caught up in names, or hype, or anything like that. It means nothing.

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