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Traditions JUNK QC!

Recently bought a Traditions PA Pellet ultralight 1:28 twist for my brother to use for a few days after Christmas while hes in town and then i was planning to gift it to him. Today was sight in time. I used a 240 xtp in a green sabot per others suggestions on here. Bullet was TIGHT on a clean barrel, i mean i had to use all my strength banging on the short starter to get it in!!! Once past the first inch or 2 of barrel it slid rest of way using ramrod under slight pressure. A friend who just bought the exact same gun was over and this combo slid EASILY into his barrel, literally required only a slight bit of thumb pressure to start it and then dropped down to the charge! Cant believe they would send out 2 barrels with such a difference in bore diameter. Both sets of sights were set to same position and fired a shot from each. Buddys hit much closer to bull so I set mine aside after shooting one shot and concentrated on his. Was able to get a decent group and i will dig out some powerbelts to try in mine tomorrow. On a positive note both my TC Hawken and Traditions PA pellet 1:48 are still dead on with their respective loads
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I gave up on Traditions a few years back due to bad Q/C and bad customer service.
My brother and I each snagged a Pursuit Ambush combo from Cabelas in the off-season.
His works great to this day.
Mine wouldn't get on paper despite full windage adjustment of the scope.
Scope was mounted right, and tight... Turns out the mount holes on the barrel were WAY off center and out of line with the center of the bore.
Two trips back to Traditions (one on MY dime) and they still couldn't/wouldn't make it right, refused to replace the barrel.
I Tried "adjustable" bases & rings... Couldn't make up for the roughly 600MOA mis-alignment.
Sold it for a 30-pack to a buddy who figured he could fabricate a rail for it... He uses it with a red-dot now from a tree stand where his shots are usually 50 feet or less.. That's about all it's good for.
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It really is sad that there are companies turning out this kind of stuff. I can't even imagine the frustration of carrying one of these "rifles" in the woods! Good luck!
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Your not the first one ive known who had a traditions with out of alignment holes. My buddy had an original octagon barrel PA pellet a few years back where the front and rear sights were so out of alignment he had to move the rear adjustable sight the whole way to the left to even get the shots NEAR the bullseye at 25yds off a lead sled rest that took human error or flinching out of the equation. Like you Traditions refused to swap the barrel after he sent it in on his dime. We even verified sights were offline with measurements and a square and sent pics to them proving it after they sent it back unchanged. Last I knew he has it as an ornament over his fireplace! I guess I got lucky with my PA pellet keystone buckhunter special edition as all i did was put RMC adjustable sights with a v peep sight on it and it shoots good!
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Never owned an Traditions guns nor ever will. Very few positive owners reports.

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I'm not at all surprised. They've always had a reputation for poor quality.
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My Pa Pellet shoots way better than My T/C ever did they all make good and bad !!!
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Every company that sells a lot of rifles is going to make the occasional (hopefully rare) "oops" gun...
What sets companies apart is how they handle their mistakes.
Traditions fails in that department, in every instance I've heard of....
When they get it right, they make decent/good guns, but their refusal to fix the bad ones that slip through QC is why they are permanently off my list.
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You really can't expect a whole lot for the price IMO. You typically get what you pay for with most things.

To put it into perspective, the barrels I use cost more than many of their entire rifles. Locks I run are comparable in price to their rifle prices.

Once I got away from production flintlock rifles, my eyes were opened. Not that they can't or won't work....but they really aren't designed or made great.

Problem is, many guys don't wanna pay for quality. Especially once they have bad experiences with lower quality guns. Guys have accuracy issues, ignition issues etc and then ready misconceptions online or hear it from their buddies and they THINK that's what flintlocks are all about. Reality is, a flintlock with a quality lock and built properly is an extremely deadly weapon. Not some inaccurate, goes off once in a while rifle that many guys believe they are.

It's unfortunate and IMO hurts the flintlock industry and the season. Those negative experiences have a tremendous impact....
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Can't really compare bespoke rifles to mass production.
And it's not unreasonable to expect a product to function as advertised, or reasonable efforts at QC and customer service.
Of course you're going to get a much higher degree of precision, fit & finish, and overall quality in a rifle costing 5-10 times as much as a production gun.
But a properly built and functioning production gun is going to kill deer just as well for 99% of the hunters out there as the $2000-$3000 and up custom jobs.
Just seems the "properly built and functioning" part is more of a crap-shoot at times with quite a few production guns.
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