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Great Pictures. I only ever built one rifle and one pistol, but that gives me a deeper appreciation for the quality of your work. It's nice to follow along through your pictures.
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Wish I could share more....just too time consuming. I take pics pretty much daily. I can see stuff looking at my own pictures that I don't see so easily with the gun in my hands. Comes especially important where I am getting now....the final shaping and blending and details and refining the stock. Probably the biggest mistake inexperienced builders make is not taking their stock down far enough. I'm not experienced...but I know that and I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of originals and well made contemporary pieces...then I spend a lot of time doing the same to my piece...study it and don't jump to the finish too quickly.

For my first plank build, and really 2nd longrifle, I'm happy with what I'm seeing. I think I will be able to bring out a nice longrifle.

Guess I never really mentioned...it's loosely based on the Andreas Albrecht rifle...but shooting for an early Lancaster overall.

Have a good bit of brass work to do on both rifles. Next week on my days off will probably be mostl all metal work. Need to make a nose cap and sideplate and I'd like to start finishing the steel on both rifles and have the brass cleaned up and filed.

Neither rifle will be finished as a new piece. Just a personal preference...if you saw my last, I'd imagine the finishes will be similar. Not really aged..but a warm mellow well cared for look.

It's certainly a labor of love. Funny I've never been very artistic or had that kind of eye or hand...I also have very little patience and get aggravated easily....oh. Had no tools and next to no experience with wood and metal work.....not long ago I was probably the world's worst candidate for gun building lol.
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having tried this type of build twice with miserable results relative to my wood working "skills" (actually lack of) I am in awe of your build. And look forward to your updates. I have no issues working the metal - FWIW.
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Good night Chesty, wherever you are......
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The biggest thing with wood work from what I've learned is crazy sharp chisels for inletting. When I am working on the edge of inlets, I run my chisel over diamond lapping films regularly. They have a mirror shine and wicked edge.

A put a good inletting draft on the inside of all my parts. Definitely a big help...

Reading wood grain is important. I'm still no good at that...but after working on inletting a part, I know which way it wants to be cut and which way it wants to split off...in this gun, I cut and rasp and scrape towards the butt.

Practice is key...use transfer color sparingly. The goal is ultimately to remove the back...but not around the edge. If you don't have black around the edge, you have a gap.

Shaping and everything else is just good layout. I spend more time measuring and marking than you'd think. From there, good rasps and scrapers are my tools. If I have a lot to slab, I take it tongue bandsaw. If a small area has a lot to remove, a big chisel and mallet will get rid of it quick enough. I have 3 Iwasaki rasps that I love. They aren't crazy expensive and leave a very nice finish. If I'm careful, it's clean enough to finish..

Same with drilling holes and such....I lay it out..measure it. Look at the marks and make sure they "make sense". Make sure you aren't drilling into anything important. Example..I've seen guys blast a hole right into their barrel. Building from a blank is easier for drilling. Much easier to drill holes into it while it's square.

You have to envision the gun and have a good layout before you start. That's just critical. I mark my web and the bottom of the barrel
For the entire length of the stock. The front lock bolt and all the pins need to go through that web of wood and miss the barrel.

Once you do it a couple times your work gets better and faster. Atleast for me it has.

I'm still learning...and I've done a few new things on this build than I have so they took some time.

My next build I expect will go much faster now that I've learned to layout a blank.

I told myself I wasn't going to start a new build for a bit...I'd like to get some work done around the house..... we'll see lol....got a ways to go on these 2 yet....carving both will take some time as I'm not much of an artist. Not sure if I will get em finished before turkey season or not....it'll be close. I gotta get some deer and turkey scouting done over these next 2 months too...so I'm expecting June/July we'll see these 2 finished.
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First time making a sideplate.

My "inspiration" for some of the gun comes from that Andreas Albrecht rifle.

The lock bolts on the original are about an inch further apart and have bigger heads than mine will...so I had to modify it to work on my rifle.

I'm not very artistic at all so I struggle with things like this.

It's not inlet yet....due to the above, I will come back with fresh eyes and see if I still like it or if I need to tweak it...or even scrap it.

On my last build I literally took a rasp and removed my first carving attempt.

I like the sideplate as of right now lol....fills the space nicely. Just gotta look at it through fresh eyes..
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Not 100% sold on the sideplate just yet. I may try a little different design....so I didn't inlet it.

I got all the steel from both rifles about ready to finish. I spent most the day in the yard so I didnt get to start my process...

Started filing on the trigger guard as well...got a good start.

Also started making the nose cap. I just have to trim the front cover and install it.

This was the first attempt at making a nose cap and I will never buy one again. Actually went very easy. I bought one to use but it was designed for a thinker web than I have at the muzzle...which would have left an unsightly gap between my ramrod and the cap. So I decided to make one.

I marked the stock for the length I wanted. Then cut that line into the stock.

I then wrapped a piece of paper around the stock and marked it and cut that out and transferred that to a piece of sheet brass.

Cut out the sheet brass and beat it into submission. Then soldered that to a piece of sheet brass...

Just have to fit it to the barrel and rivet it to the stock and that is done.

Back to work tomorrow. Actual work....not gun work.... Lol.

I'd still like to get the steel finished before I work down the forestock any further....so that's definitely next week's goal. Don't have much to do except some final touches and set up my sweat box.
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Got the nose cap on...a little more clean up and it'll he ready to rivet on.

For some reason, I wasn't really in the mood for rifle work last week so I didn't get a lot done...now that I'm down to the details, if I'm not in the mood, I don't touch it because I know my frustrations will kick in and something will be broke or ruined.
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Very nice work!

If you're going to continue using blanks check out Tiger Hunt in Beaverdale Pa. (gunstockwood.com). He has both blanks and pre-carved wood in maple and cherry and maybe others.

I have a long-rifle with wood from a blank from him that I made at least 30 years ago. Very tight curl the length of the piece.
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I have just taken time to read this entire thread you started. Your workmanship is truly impressive. To be honest AND complimentary your workbench thrills me equally. It looks pretty much just like my own, tools and all. Only difference is mine is the top of our kitchen bar With Miss Sally's permission! My own rifle, my first, is still under construction, but she is fully functional and deadly accurate to 100 paces...which doesn't matter a hoot, 'cuz I never hunt anywhere I can see more than 50 When you are ready to make your end project silver front, let me know. I would like to donate to your efforts a 1930's silver half dollar from my paternal grandfather's estate. Depending on the height of your front, there would be enough for three, or for the back sight as well. I'm fairly certain he would be smilin' at the prospect.
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Still working on the details here n there. Turkey season and flathead fishing gets in the way this time of year....

I couldn't live with the bottom profile around the lock. I took the trigger out and took the rasps to it to make it right.

Trigger wouldn't work because it needs to be further from the sear to work properly...or I just can't figure out how to make it work with less wood lol.

Either way, I needed a trigger. So I made one.

That was after I made the new trigger and Midway through cleaning up the lock panels.

That's with the lock panels cleaned up further.

Still a little more detail work and onto carving and finishing.

I really have to slow myself down at this stage. The little details are what sets rifles apart. Many guys don't even notice..."oh the curl is awesome!". "the stain color is great!" "The carving turned out nice!". Etc etc. But after studying originals and well done contemporary pieces the best I can, I'm starting to see the finer details and what makes a longrifle look good.
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