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MY rifle...

So I've had about a million posts about my rifle I'm scattered here n there...figured I'd make a post of it...

First off...i appreciate all the help many of you offered! Thank you all!!!

The back story...this rifle wasn't meant to be a build...i ordered a pre-inletted stock to fit a 1" TC...

I had a L&R lock..ordered Davis Deer slayer triggers, found a 1" Green Mountain drop in barrel...ordered steel furniture and figured I'd have a 2nd flintlock...

Stock came and I quickly realized that I was in too deep...

Stock was shaped..inlet...but nothing would fit..shape was kinda there but could sand all day and still have a very bulky rifle...

I had 2 choices...keep it and build it...or send it back and locate a Renegade stock..

I chose to build...

I ran into issues around every turn...

It took me forever to do simple I feel like I could do the same build in 1/4 of the time..i spent a lot of time on stuff that I don't need to..

I learned a LOT...

It's far from perfect...

I wanted to learn as much as I could so I did things like add a entry pipe..poured a pewter nosepiece..i reshaped the cheek piece and lock panels...i put in a Hawken style tear drop side plate..added a toe plate..

Tonight I finally got the first cost of oil on the stock...i literally started in March...i work and commute a long ways so I don't get to work on it a LOT...but I have many...many hours into it...

The nose area and buttplate/toe plate connection are the only areas I'm not happy with but they work and I could have done worse lol...

Here's pics from along the way...i regret not taking more.. especially in the beginning...

This is the only pic I have of before I started..

It took me 3x to pour the nose piece...that was attempt #2's still not perfect...but I will live with it...

That's the final pour..not finished in that pic..

The next pics kinda show the progression of the stock...namely the cheek piece and lock panels...

That is the stock after applying "stain". Really not stain in the modern sense..i used tannic acid and then iron nitrate...
Kinda scary lol...the tannic acid turns it a slight orange color...the iron nitrate looked a dark olive green and black when wet..then dried to what you see...

After I apploed both and let it air dry I apploed best to it...the heat sets off the reaction...

You can see after the heat is apploed it turned a deep cherry color...

From there the finish is ready to be worked back to reveal what's hidden beneath...

To do that I used scotchbrite and in some spots sand paper with the finishing oil..

As you rub it works the "stain" off..

I was going to do it to look like a brand new rifle...but I was having fun and thought it'd look good if I worked with the effect a bit...i left some areas dark..around the cheeck pice and lock panels to kinda give it that dark aged "didn't clean the books n crannys" effect..

I then rubbed back the cheek piece, right/top of the wrist and between the lock and wedge pin which is where I hold the rifle to shoot and where it balances and will be it that kinda worn look...

Here's a few pics...

The oil is pretty wet there..that should be close to what it'll look like when it's done..I'm not gunna take it to a high gloss..maybe a strong satin...

Those last pics are after the first coat of oil soaked in and was rubbed..

I will be oiling it through the week when I have time...

Have to get the metal done yet...I think I'm going to blue it all..the barrel, tang, wedge pin plates and such are i have the lock, buttplate, trigger guard and toe plate to do...

It's not a professional built rifle...but for my first time I'm pretty pleased with it...

I am going to shoot it as a 50cal when it's done..but I am 98% sure I'm going to send it out to become a 58cal roundball gun...I've always wanted a 58cal..i don't know why...but I do lol....i think it'll make the rifle nicer cutting back a little weight...a 1" barrel with only a 50cal bore is a fairly heavy barrel...don't know of I can goto 60 or 62cal with us 1" barrel..i might if I can...

Wish I took more pics... especially of the pile of parts and pieces before I got to monkeying around with them...

I will update this post as I finish it...
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Re: MY rifle...

I like it!

Rich Deerhunter
Lock Haven, PA
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Re: MY rifle...


I can tell you my 62 barrel is 1-1/8" at the breech, but is swamped fairly hard. Not sure what kind of "meat" it has in the waist, but the breech is pretty beefy.

As discussed at ALR, try to get ahold of Hoyt and see what he can do.

You may as well shoot it as a 50 for now, because I think Hoyt has a bit of a wait time for his work, so you probably won't be getting it done next week, lol.

That wood is looking fantastic, though, and the lock panels look good...definitely a great improvement over the way it was sent to you.

Looks like you slimmed the wrist a fair bit, too, which should make it a lot more comfortable.

Nice work!
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Re: MY rifle...


exocet w/STS, ground pounder
boo string and trigger
2117 w/ blazer vanes and brass inserts
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Re: MY rifle...

I think it came out great. How long did it take to say fit the butt plate. I'm trying to wrap my head around building a gun. Seems very intimidating.
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Re: MY rifle...

Looks awesome! I'll hit you up for advice when I start a build of my own!
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Re: MY rifle...

Thanx guys!!!

Far from a pro...but if anyone is interested feel free to shoot me a PM..I'd gladly share what I learned...i did learn a LOT..and would do things much

Time wise...i couldn't even come up with a number lol...I've never done anything like this...and really wasn't prepared for this one...learned as I don't and picked up tools as needed etc...

The buttplate is probably the worst part...and I've heard other guys say the same... especially one with such a curve to it...i knew it wasn't going to be easy so I started with the extra long stock...i figured if I did get it right the first time I'd keep moving it forward to where I wanted it...

I didn't realize what a beast maple is..the end grain was's very hard..i tried a belt sander and it kinda worked but also burnt wood making it even harder lol...i tried a rasp but it was too hard and usually wouldn't cut..when it did it had a tendency to tear out the I did most of it with a chisle...

It took me a while to get it right...and it's still not perfect..if you look close you can kinds tell the return on the top of the stock isn't's angled upwards...i ran out of stock and just couldn't fix it after I realized the way I was going at it wasn't right..

And with such a thick steel buttplate it has to fit perfectly...a thinner one..sales thin brass one if you have some small gaps you can hammer them and close them up...

Really now that I have a feel for it and a bit of hands on experience I eel like it'd go much faster and I could do a cleaner job inletting..

The last piece I inlet was my tear drop side plate for my lock bolt..small..1/4" thick so not really deep..but the top is a curve and bottom is a point..i was terrified of trying to inlet it because curves and points are difficult.. especially just a small piece and that deep.. special chiseled would make it easier I'm sure..but I did it yesterday and it couldn't be any tighter or cleaner...and I was only at it maybe a half hour..i impressed myself...but showed me I did learn a lot and can do a clearer job and faster job than when I started...

I found it incredibly enjoyable..but I can see many guys's time consuming and's back is killing me and my hands are cramping don't have a shop..or a good gun vice or anything...i did 90% of the work holding it on my lap...

I'm 1000% certain it's the first of many... already planning my next...gunna build a pistol next...not sure if I will start right after this one is one or not...
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Re: MY rifle...

Build looks fantastic,I'm pretty sure you will be able to go to a .62cal,I have a 1" .62cal Getz barrel on a renegade stock. Hoyt took a .54cal investarms barrel out to .58cal for me. If you live close enough to Hoyt to drive to his shop and do a drop off sometimes the wait is much shorter. I think the .58cal only took about 3-4 weeks from drop off till finished.
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Re: MY rifle...


I don't think I'm close enough to drop it off...but I will look...i don't mind a road

I'm still torn on the barrel...i have debated buying a 1" barrel...i think economically I'd be better off work g out the one I have the time I buy a breech plug, underlug, thimbles, sights for the bare barrel I'm probably ahead using the one I have...

I do gotta figure out the steel now...i didnt "mean" to give the stock an aged look...but it happened and I really like what I have goin on...i think it'd look killer with lightly aged steel...blued but the kinda worn and rough old look..

Figure I can practice on something small before I do the barrel lol...

Haven't touched the stock again yet...i just looked at it...i can't et over the color and holographic qualities...about couple coats of oil and it aughta really pop...gunna try to take it to a strong satin finish..not a plasticy gloss..but not a dull satin...

The colors are really do it no guys that have seen nice curly maple know what I m talking about...move it around and colors and lines absolutely pop...i wanted more black tiger stripes but I am thrilled with what it is...

I will post more pics as I finish her up! Hopefully next weekend...i wanna do the barrel prior to sending it off so if I do accidently get aging chemicals in the bore it won't matter as it'll be bored out anyways...
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Re: MY rifle...

Very nice Mauser

Life Memeber NRA
Life Memeber NAHC
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