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Re: Issues I need resolved!!

Yep sounds like the flash channel is constricted or blocked.

Also what kind of powder? Some of the modern fake powders are difficult to ignite. A pipe cleaner through the clean out screw opening is a good idea.

According to my old catalogue the CVA Hawken had a drum and nipple system.. Keep in mind that unless powder gets down into the flash channel, the spark from the nipple must go through that small hole in the nipple, down about another 3/16, make a right turn, go another half inch to the base of the powder chamber where it can ignite the powder. If you have powder getting down into the flash channel the ignition is more certain. For that reason, when folks are ready to load, they pour the powder down the barrel and give the gun a few smacks from the side to help the powder settle into the flash channel. If you shine a light through the clean out screw, can you see it from the muzzle? and vice versa?

Here is a cut away view of your breech set up:
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