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Re: Help if you can...

First thing I would do is to scrub the bore, and make sure it does not have plastic, copper, or lead fouling. Get it back to raw steel. Use a bore brush with a good solvent, swab with dry patches, and then coat the bore with the bore solvent (Hoppes #9 benchrest works well) and let it set wet overnight. Next day run dry patches thru the bore. You may have to do this for several nights, depending on how clean your dry patches come out. Next, scrap the pellets, and use granular powder. Try using Pyrodex RS, and start with 60, to 70 grains, and work up in 5 grain increments. Swab between shots. Make sure the barrel does not heat up too much, let it cool. I also would use a 240, or 250 grain bullet/sabot combo. If you get good results with these projectiles, then try the 180's. Every gun shoots differently, even the same models. Just because yours likes a certain load, another may not. Good luck.
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