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Help if you can...

So I have been trying to help a friend of mine get his CVA Optima 45 cal sighted in. We first started with a very old cheap scope and I told him that it had to go so he ordered a new 3x9x40 Thompson Center scope like I have on my CVA. We mounted the scope today and off to the range to what I thought would be a short trip. Two hours and 40 rounds later we still do not have this gun shot in. I performed field cleaning every 10 or 12 rounds. We were shooting at 25 yards and we just couldn't get this thing zeroed. I like to feel that I am pretty good at this stuff but right now I am at a loss. I am looking at several things like, human error in markmanship, fouling of the barrel, a brand new scope that is bad, or a bad gun. Is it possible that this gun only likes shooting 1 or 2 rounds before it needs cleaned? Any tips or suggestions would be appreaciated.

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