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Training Session Resulted in a Visit from the Police

I was running my hounds today on the neighbors 60 acres like I often do. The owner likes to hear the dogs run and will sometimes watch with me for awhile. The dogs got on a real runner that takes off onto another property that's 50 acres and that guy also allows me to run the dogs. The dogs circle close to the property line of a house that is on a 1 acre lot but the dogs were a good 50 yds off of the property line and 100 yds from the house. That house has a couple dogs that go nuts when my dogs are barking on a rabbit. Anyway those people called the State Police that my dogs and I were on their property. About 10 minutes after I put the dogs away I have a trooper in my driveway. Very polite nice young man. I politely told him that my dogs and I were not on that property. He told me I needed to keep my dogs on a leash and I let him know that I did not need to keep them on a leash and I had permission to train my dogs on the properties we were on and I had been running dogs on the properties since 1992. He was fine with that and told me to just stay off the the guy that complained property. I'm so disappointed they didn't just come up to the house and talk to me. We live on the same dead end street. They have only lived here a few months but I did stop and introduce myself. I told them they would see me running my beagles on the neighbors farm. They seemed like a nice young couple. Sad they would call the PSP on an old man running a couple beagles. Trying to decide if I should stop down there and find out what the deal is. I'm definitely going to keep running my dogs back there because it is super convenient for me.
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Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Maybe the couple were unaware of how beagles run and a nice conversation will solve any misunderstandings.

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Stop and have a friendly chat. Depending on how that goes might want to invest in an Astro and have GPS evidence ready for the next time.
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Sad times when neighbors just can't be neighbors.

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I was running my dad's dog on a friend's property one time and I was not too far from some neighbor's houses. The dog started on a rabbit near the road and headed up on to the bank above the road. I was standing there, in our friend's parking lot, when one of the neighbors came up and asked me what was going on. I told him the dog was running a rabbit and he immediately understood. He said from the way the dog sounded he thought someone was up there beating up on her or something. I would guess that had he not seen me standing there he may also have called the police. I think many people simply don't understand the sport of running hounds and aren't sure what to think when they hear it. In your case though... you told the couple that you would likely be running hounds, and they were clearly just annoyed that their dogs were getting upset. I don't mind people calling on legitimate cases of trespass, but when they do it in this kind of situation, I would be less than happy as well.

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Let it go, continue with your enjoyment running your dog's. It's good exercise, for you as well.
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Get a gps system you can put an onX chip in. Run the dogs and if it becomes an issue show them the god with the property lines clearly marked and where your dogs were running.
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One thing that you do have to keep in mind is that it is still a safety zone violation if you are within 150 yards of a residence. Page 17 of the digest reads: Safety Zones
It is unlawful to hunt for, shoot at, trap, take, chase or disturb wildlife within 150 yards of any occupied residence, camp, industrial or commercial building, farmhouse or farm building, or school or playground without the permission of the occupants.
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I'm a little confused by your description of where you live.

On one hand it is 50 and 60 acre plots. The other description is "We live on the same dead end street."

I live in an area where 6-8 houses are on acre lots, essentially "across the street" from each other. It was once a corn field that was sold and developed.

Have a neighbor who works on cars everyday. Good guy...have helped each other out in the past. When he starts revving those loud motors on a Sunday afternoon and I cannot hear my own TV in my living room, I am not too happy with him.

When posting on a hound dog site, you can expect to hear support for your right to train your dogs,. and I am not implying that you are doing anything wrong.

What I am saying is that your new neighbors may not enjoy the sweet sound of a pack of beagles running a rabbit as much as you do. Add the fact that your dogs get their dogs worked up, and the issue from their side is amplified.

I agree that calling the cops is a bit much, but, by the same token, I doubt that it being convenient for you to run them there makes them feel any better about it.

Just presenting the other side, and again, I don't think they handled it in the best way.

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I live on a dead end street with houses (15) on both sides of the street on 1 to 2 acre lots. My back yard backs up to the 60 acre farm and that borders the 50 acre farm . There is a treeline right behind my house that I'll sometimes start pups on but my normal routine is to walk the dogs to a thick creek bottom that is several hundred yards from the houses. It is unusual for a rabbit to run where that one did but it has happened in the past. I have had neighbors dogs knocking over trash cans, in my garage eating dog food, barking late into the night, neighbors shooting off fireworks mid week late at night. In each case I walked over to the neighbor and politely asked them to take care of the situation. I would not call the cops first thing and have never had to. I understand that it would be annoying having your dog start barking at my dogs but that is something they should be able to control. Bark collars are cheap. I ran them tonight a good 250 yds from their house and their dog was going nuts again.
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