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it seems that more deer are wounded by crossbow shooters.

Basically you are asking about a factual, logical reason why more deer are wounded by crossbows than by other weapons.

Such a reason may or may not exist....I would think if it did, it would be some combination of arrow (bolt) weight, speed, type of broadhead, etc. All of these things are measurable and could be simulated in a lab somewhere.

The outliers would be shot placement, hunter skill, hunter ability to keep calm under the pressure of taking a shot, etc....none of which are measurable.

As far as your statement that crossbows wound more deer.....again....any numbers to support? studies done, etc?

Not trying to prove or disprove your statement...only pointing out that opinions rendered to a false or unproven premise are seldom worth the time it takes to write them, and Lord knows there are plenty of opinions on here.

Also, just to clarify...I am not a cross bow hunter.

I prefer my kid hunt and fish rather than steal and deal,
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