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Originally Posted by icemole View Post
After freezing my butt off out in my buddies boat last week I've been thinking how nice some hot chocolate would have been... LOL. So my question is for those who use this style cup(preferably the cheaper box store variety) do they keep stuff hot/cold while out in the weather and for how long ?
I can't speak about those overly expensive drink cups but I have an old Thermos brand stainless 1 qt thermos bottle I bought 40 years ago, it has a dent in it from when it flew off my car roof one night when I was sitting watching a field for poachers and I heard a shot and took off towards the shot forgetting the thing was on my car roof from earlier when I was standing outside the car. So long as I heat the bottle with hot water before I fill it it will keep my coffee hot all day when I am hunting. After about 8 hours the coffee will be less hot but that is because you have to remove the stopper to pour. Not that I can't afford one of those cups but I just refuse to pay what they cost for a cup. That bottle has served me well through waterfowl hunting, deer hunting and on the and took a licking ad kept on ticking. I don't know if you can even buy a SS thermos today that is as good as the one I have. I bought a pint stainless bottle a couple of years ago and it doesn't even keep my coffee hot for 4 hours and it has a pour through stopper. On the other side of the coin I was with a friend last week who jumped in my truck with one of the big Yeti cups in his hand. For the next couple of hours he was complaining about his coffee never getting cool enough to drink.
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