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Kids and Hunting/Fishing

I know about getting kids into hunting, what you have today can change tomorrow, have a 35 yr old son that couldnt wait till he was old enough to go with dad. Was like that for a few years, then all heck broke loose. Got to that age where he started smelling around them does and realized those things sticking out in front werent just for appearances. Car got washed Friday afternoon without asking and "Hey dad can i borrow a 20" and come saturday "Cant go have to take (Her name)'s mom to the store on account of her dad is huntin or fishin" and if not that " cant go have to take her to get her hair done, or shoe shopping". After the novelity wears off he gives it another try at huntin or fishin but it isnt what it was like when he was young and happy, so they just stick with work or have family duties to do. Anyway i hope you get what i am saying. They dont last for long, and if your like me your on your own. Good Hunting.
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