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As Fairchild stated, location is the biggest concern, and you have that covered. Cats live in a visual world...they have a good nose, but are more prone to hunt by sight than canines. Cats are curious by nature and will study and check out things that catch their eye. Cat also like vertical things, like big rocks and ledges. And like their domestic counterparts, they canít resist a cubby or box. Make your cubby either big enough to turn around inside or make it something they can walk through. If you want to try a box trap, it needs to be a big box trap, and be sure to cover up the wire mesh on the floor with dirt or pine needles.

Trap contamination with human scent is not a big factor. Use enough trap, as a cat has a fairly big paw. I donít think they fight a trap nearly as hard as most coyotes do. I use some #2 modified 4 coil Bridgers, and some #3 and #4 Dukes ( some 2, some 4 coiled) on public ground where I feel theft might be an issue.
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