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I am going to give it a go for the very first time ever on Saturday, when doe comes in for 2C.

I inherited a Ruger Blackhawk .357 Mag with a 6-inch barrel. Open sights. Since my father in law passed, never thought much about this gun until last Friday. I had fired it a few times but took it out to let a few rip. I am good to archery-like distances, so I will keep it to that 35 yards or closer. I got a buck in archery, so I am not hurting for venison.

Excited for it, never got a late season deer, and obviously never one with a handgun. So those are on my "goals" list and perfect chance for using a doe tag. And it's a chance to take Larry, my late father-in-law, out hunting. He would've liked that. Couple years back I got a small buck with the 7mm Rem Mag Weatherby he left me, and that was a fine hunt and some fine jerky. With me alive and him in spirit, if we can connect with one, it would be sweet indeed!

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