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Originally Posted by pchunter1231 View Post
My mind hasnt changed and it still sucks. Way less hunters than last year. From the sounds of it, most hunters are reporting the same with hunting pressure, other than a handful of SGL that were fuller than normal, most are saying not many people out.

It's not the Saturday start.

First, consider the trend of declining license sales. Less hunters, period.

Next, consider the trend of land being posted up, leased, or otherwise not accessible to the majority. Lots and lots more of that over the last ten years or so. Deer head to these sanctuaries and stay there until the pressure ends.

Most importantly, consider the rise of archery. I have the deer kill data as far back as the PGC has (or had) it published on their website. The percentage of bucks killed by an arrow in comparison to the overall buck kill has consistently and steadily increased. Better vertical bows, and the intro of the crossbow to anyone was clearly a game changer. When one third (or more, pushing 40%) of the bucks are killed by archers, those hunters are more likely than not to sit out the opener. Most of PA is not concurrent doe and buck.

The numbers of hunters in the woods and shots heard has been in a steady decline for a while now, from my own experiences. Moving it to a Saturday start is a good way to push this in the other direction, for the reasons people have shared.

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