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Originally Posted by jimsdad View Post
The only way they could effectively confiscate so called assault weapons would be through house-to-house searches with SWAT Teams. And that, my friends, would be a replay of Nazism and be a tipping point relative to the future of this county, the balance of world power and Democracy as we know it to be.
Politicians who have supported this confiscation of assault weapons mantra, and who have been elected, will be faced with actually going through with this promise.

I, like many other people on this site, are well aware of what the despots Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others have done to certain "classes" of people under their rule and gun owners are considered to be a "class" of people who along with their guns "..cling to God" (Obama). Frankly speaking; nobody is going to put me on a train and cart my butt off to a camp (physically or otherwise) without a fight.

Civil Disobedience can be a useful tool when dealing with abusive authority.
Don't underestimate the desire of the left to disarm us so they will be free to stick it to us. All their plans do not have to happen at once, thay could bide their time and confiscate firearms in increments. These are dangerous people and I doubt they would have any qualms abot sending in SWAT to kick down our doors and search our homes
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