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Depends what Iím trapping. Canine traps ( #2s) get boiled clean and dipped in wax. Skip the dye, no point in it, as they are gonna be bedded and hidden. DPs get pressure washed and spray painted. Usually white. Conibears get spray painted also, black or brown. They never get waxed. My muskrat and beaver footholds, I skip boiling them off, just dip them in wax. Leave them in hot wax long enough to melt off last yearís wax. Iím not concerned about odors with my water line gear.

I pay close attention not to over heat my canine wax, donít want wax to smell burnt. I keep my canine trap wax separate from other waxes.

I go back and hit the dogs and pan notches with a small butane torch to dissolve and wax on the dogs or night latches.
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