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Originally Posted by JasonN View Post
I've got some pics on my cameras that I can't 100% identify as a bear, but I'm fairly certain that's what it is. At any rate, it looks like a pig and that got me to thinking. If I'm sitting in my stand, hunting deer with my bow and this 'pig' shows up is it fair game if it is indeed a pig? I'll post the pics tonight or tomorrow as I don't have them with me right now.
Yes you may shoot it if it is a wild hog unless trapping operations are going on. From the PGC website: What is their legal status?
Feral swine are protected mammals in Pennsylvania and, thus, are under the authority of the Game Commission. However, the agency has removed
protection statewide, except in counties where official eradication trapping operations are occurring. Contact a Game Commission region office for a list
of protected counties. It is illegal to interfere with any official eradication trapping efforts.
In any county where protection has been removed, however, licensed hunters and trappers may take feral swine. Takings of feral swine must be reported
to the appropriate Game Commission region office within 24 hours. It is illegal to release any animal that is a member of the Family Suidae into the wild.

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