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I have riden a bike to scout and to hunt. One year I rode about 2 miles to the end of the road in Game Lands. Mostly to save time. My spot was another mile up the side of the mountain and around to the back of a big bowl. First day did not see another hunter going in after first couple hundred yards. Great. On the way back rifle slide off and banged on the ground. Not so good. Shortly after day light from my climbing tree stand I passed on a small legal buck. About a half hour later saw a nice buck about 70 yards below me. Was shooting a TC CONTENDER Carbine in 7 TCU with 1x4 scope. Watched him for about 20 min. until he started to work away from me, decided to shoot him. Very good supported shooting position, cross hairs very still on the hollow behind his front shoulder, BANG...? I saw the bullet hit right behind his front hoof in the leaves. He looked around, went back to eating acorns. Banging the gun of rocks just not a good thing. I held about a foot over his shoulder, drilled him through the heart. Hornady single shot pistol bullet put him right down, He jumped up, made two strides and was dead. Now came the hard part, getting him on top of the bike along with rifle and treestand on my back. Sure glad no one else was around. So.....if you do this, figure a way to lock your front wheel straight ahead. Will save you a lot of trouble and looking around to make sure no one is watching. Got within about 500 yds of parking area before I saw another hunter.
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