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Originally Posted by jeffppc View Post
Ah, my pet peave with the gameless commission. Only answer I have ever heard that is a good one is....power. We hunters pay for the land but we are only able to access it when the folks WE employ, pay their salaries, give them nice vehicles, retirement, etc. decide to give us access. I have heard a whole list of bullsxxx excuses while they encourage private land owners to open their ground to hunters year around. Now I am ready for the apologists. What say you?
What a ridiculous post. You are critical of the PGC working to open more land to hunting. By the way, you do not employ anyone or give them nice vehicles. Now I see why you made the other post in the leasing farm land thread. I suggest you do not hunt the over a million acreas of land open to public hunting under agreement with the PGC if it bothers you so much.
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