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Originally Posted by UncleJoe View Post

I had about 2000 trees added to my property about 12 years ago.
Way more than half are gone now but I still had lots of the tubes.
Caring for them due to deer, wasps, moles, wind, fungus, etc. was troublesome.
I began cutting them open for removal and slashed my elbow open with the razor knife
(4 inches long and 1/2 inch deep, requiring stitches)
So that they did not blow around my property for the next 50 + years they were sent to the dump.
But, I have lots of Oaks, Cherry, Plum and Apple trees well on there way.
Yes, lots of trouble but I'm glade I did it and is over.
Should have sold them. People want them. Put them on Craiglist or list them here, if you still have them.

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