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Since polls were mentioned in this thread I thought I would add some info. It's sometimes amusing how the results of a poll can be used by an individual to conform to their wishes. In the March 29th edition of PA Outdoor News a columnist's headline read "Admit That Hunters Don't Want Saturday Opener". Reading further into the article the facts stated that 65% of 3264 poll respondents, that's 2121 individuals, stated they were not in favor of a Saturday opener. Cherry picking facts at its finest. The PGC said there were 700,000 deer hunters in 2018. Do the math. This writer is obviously not in favor of a Saturday opener but used his platform to bolster his opinion by omitting material facts. Much like the politicians of today. If a reader didn't bother to look into the article he or she could easily be mislead. Along the same lines, I'm not sure if it was the semi-auto issue or the Sunday hunting issue but the same writer, who was obviously against which ever one it was, did the same thing using arguments that really didn't hold water but enforced his personal opinion.
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