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I really didn’t care either way about changing the opener, but seeing the apoplectic responses by some make me support it

There are some who will get riled up about ANY decision that the game commission makes. It’s like some people just have to have these feeling or somehow “getting screwed” and them “fighting the good fight” in response to it. After all, THEIR opinion on things is superior to everyone else’s and nobody knows what they are talking about except THEM...

We’ve been through this countless times over the last 20 years or so and it makes me chuckle every time people lose their minds over every change to “tradition”. Concurrent season and the elimination of the 3 day doe season, antler restrictions, mentored youth regs, and now a Saturday opener. And now we are seeing more hysterical ranting about Sunday hunting and semi autos. Every change being met with “THEY ARE DESTROYING THE SPORT AND TRADITION!” cries. But every change not spelling the end of deer hunting in PA.

But I really enjoy the hypocrisy. Guys lecturing those in support of things like a Saturday opener, Sunday hunting and semi auto inclusion by calling them “selfish” and wanting things “their way”, while their only argument against it is because THEY don’t like it and THEY don’t want it to change.

In the end, I don’t know about a Saturday opener upping license sales and I don’t know who was pushing that. IMO, things like a Saturday opener and Sunday hunting are going to be needed as more and more hunters are lost due to baby boomers quitting and most youths not having the time or desire to hunt. So wha I see is an ever dwindling number of hunters needing more opportunities to harvest the same amount of game. I foresee longer seasons and more tags in the future for the remaining license holders.

As I said earlier, I really could care less about a Saturday opener or even the inclusion of semis but I fully support Sunday hunting and a license fee increase. Sunday hunting would give me 6 more days of archery hunting, 6 more days of spring gobbler hunting, many more days of small game hunting. Fall/early winter is pretty busy at work for me and many times I’m working 6 days a week, so I fully support Sunday hunting.

And here’s where I’ll bring up the hypocrisy again. A lot of the guys that I see complaining the loudest about things like Sunday hunting are retired and have 6 days a week to be out there, most days having the woods and water essentially to themselves. Why would they care about Sunday hunting when they can hunt every other day of the week? They say things like “the deer need a day of rest” and I just shake my head and chuckle. I then say, “ok, how about making no hunting on Wednesday then?” And they don’t know what to say. “How come the game in the majority of other states seem to be doing just fine without them getting a day of rest?” Again, no response or some mumbling about PA being “different”. I think my favorite is when a discussion about Sunday hunting was brought up at the sportsman’s club and when my dad and I indicated that we favored it, some cantankerous chap angrily turned abound and shouted “YOU WANNA HUNT ON SUNDAYS? DO LIKE I DO AND GO TO NEW YORK!” Lol, so apparently the deer don’t need that day of rest over in NY, eh??? Like I said, the hypocrisy is off the charts. THEY don’t want it so that means that it shouldn’t be, and if YOU want it then you’re selfish...

We’ll all survive the Saturday opener, I know it.
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