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I think I can sum up what 8PT is trying to say:

A well-planned/scouted hunt will place a hunter in a spot that will see deer activity regardless how many hunters are out kicking them up.

On that, I agree.

We've scouted and worked rather hard over the years and have 4 established stands on the property that produce every season, whether there's a dozen people up or 3, drives or not.

My most productive seasons were among the sparsest in terms of companions... My primary blind is at a nexus of trails between bedding, food, cover, water, and paths/escapes from ag fields.
Some hinge cutting, logging, and planting over the years has almost made it boring at that stand. I know I'll see deer, and can change locations if conditions or the activities on neighboring properties warrant.

So I guess you could put me in the "waiting" or "ambush" column... but I'm not waiting out of dependence... I know they'll be along, as I've set up conditions that almost guarantee it.
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