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Originally Posted by EIGHT POINT View Post
Because the underlying reason some are against the Saturday opener is because they fear they will not get a deer on Monday.
They hide behind "tradition" but down deep, they don't want someone else in the woods before them.
If you are relying on other people to push deer to you and it is not an organized deer drive then you are not hunting IMO.....
There is no tactics involved if you are simply sitting in a spot in the woods and hoping someone pushes a deer past you....and now your upset because that may occur on Saturday rather than Monday...
If you are using preseason scouting or prior years experience to post yourself on known trails it won't matter if you are hunting on Saturday or Monday.. Believe it or not, more than one deer use the same trails....
Dang all those deer I killed over the years didn't know I was doing it all wrong
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