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Originally Posted by Peppy View Post
Who would of thought... cornhole on ESPN!!
And to think, almost 800 players showed up at St Louis that weekend.

In August the ACL and ESPN will host the ACL Championships at the Valley Forge Casino.

My son will be playing in the junior division... he’s a pretty good thrower. 2nd junior in the PA state championships last year and him and I got 4th in PA State doubles.
I think that's quite an achievement there Peppy! Congrats to you and son. It amazes me how some days you can't do a darn thing right, and another game you get hot and can't hardly miss.
I gotta admit though, my first love was horseshoes, but since corn hole became so popular, no one wants to throw the shoes much, They couldn't usually top me in horseshoes, but they have better luck with corn hole LOL.
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