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Originally Posted by pchunter1231 View Post
Dont be surprised if the first Monday is dead this year. From the comments on here and other places, a lot will use that vacation day they normally use for the Monday opener in Archery now and camp guys will just come home Sunday now.

I don't know....hence the pondering!

What I do know is that I used to live 1/4 mile SR66 north of Clarion. Starting around 4pm on Thanksgiving the traffic started....all heading north, all with orange. There were gaps where you could cross traffic and head south. Friday....good luck with was a constant stream of vehicles heading north ALL DAY AND NIGHT and into Saturday until lunchtime when it began to wane. Sunday there was always a rush from late morning until dark and then it was back to normal until Monday evening when the same thing started again this time heading south.

My point is folks have always headed en masse 'to camp' starting on turkey hunt on Monday. I don't know how opening on Saturday is going to affect Monday or those that used to wait until Saturday or Sunday to head to camp.
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