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Originally Posted by bohunr View Post
;0SHHHHH!!! dont tell them

This makes me ponder something: I wonder how many 'hunters' won't even know it starts on Saturday this year? I mean, it'll be in virtually every and otherwise, on every news broadcast, in the once-again-free digest, circulated at every bar and hunting circle via word of mouth, etc, etc. However, the same was done with bear season and guys didn't know. Guys didn't know when concurrent seasons started that you could shoot doe....then when they split the season again some still thought you could shoot doe the first week.

The bear season change has me also wondering if the woods will be dead in few years on Monday. There's a pretty sharp drop for the second day of bear. The third day is about non-existent hunter wise. I've never hunted the fourth day. I wonder if deer season will be similar?
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