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yep that’s a common argument. But no one has any numbers on how many were against crossbows and then actually made the change. Besides even those who did could be thinking of you can’t beat them join them. Rifle only hunters complain about archery season length but don’t really care what weapon is used so why not pick up a rifle-like bow and add six weeks to your season.
Read around these forums enough, I think you'll find that "rifle hiunters don't really care what weapon is used so why not pick up a rifle-like bow..." concept is not widely accepted.

Many will bristle when that kind of thing is suggested.
you’re missing the point. Rifle hunters main complaint about archery is season length not weapon type. Any hunter who took up a crossbow and joined archery was not against crossbows even if the complained about archery season. Besides a rifle hunter using a crossbow didn’t have to give up anything to get that opportunity other than the cost of the equipment.
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